Weekend Plus Fabulous Guacamole Recipe


I couldn’t help but laugh to myself only an hour or so after my post on Saturday.

Remember my “summer-like” remark about the weather for Saturday’s long run?

unnamed (46)

I left my house to go out for the day and suddenly found myself caught in what seemed like a blizzard.


Explain it I can’t and neither could the radio station I tuned into after hanging up my bluetooth phone call in favor of receiving some guidance from the meteorologist who continued to tell New Yorkers we were experiencing 42 degrees and sunshine.

You know what else I am having a hard time understanding?


My beautiful Red Mango parfait will now cost A DOLLAR MORE should I want any flavor other than original.

Now, I love the original and will usually fill my cup with it but when the greek flavors are available, I can’t say no.

Yes, of course, I gave the Red Mango employee a piece of my mind. And once again, I remembered to do my crazy-insane-yogurt lady flipping out in a calm, polite manner.

He responded kindly with some coupons so for now I will remain quiet… but the constant price increases are not helping me in my struggle to remain loyal to my weekly parfait obsession.

I do have a new obsession. Oh yes.

unnamed (31)

I took some time over the weekend to go through the Happy Herbivore cookbook and while everything looks delicious, one recipe jumped out at me as a MUST-MAKE IMMEDIATELY.

guac snack plate

Not the roasted vegetables and sweet potato fries on my snack plate- those are my own.

We need to discuss the Sweet Pea Guacamole you see on the plate.

That’s right. Peas added to the avocado mixture to create Sweet Pea Guacamole.  When I tell you delicious, I mean delicious.

The recipe calls for a cup of sweet peas with half of an avocado which automatically lightens up  the caloric load of your typical guacamole plus adds some protein from the peas. Yes, peas have some protein, I believe 5 grams per serving.

I don’t care for the extra work of making guacamole since I am totally satisfied just eating sliced avocado on top of anything and everything but this recipe was super simple and so good that I wouldn’t mind making a double or triple batch and having it for a few days in the refrigerator.

unnamed (17)

The recipe recommended using a blender or food processor – go with a food processor. I used my blender which really didn’t get the job done at all. I didn’t care if every pea was completely pureed but if that is something that would bother you, either mash them well first or use a food processor.

Adapted from Happy Herbivore (because I can never follow a recipe):

  • 1 cup sweet peas – thawed
  • 1/2 avocado (or more for added avocado flavor/texture)
  • 1 tsp of garlic powder
  • 1 tsp (or maybe a little more) of Trader Joe’s Carolina Gold Barbeque Sauce
  • Juice from two slices of a lime
  • 1 tsp of cumin
  • Splash of siracha sauce

Combine all ingredients in a food processor until smooth. Taste and adjust according to your liking.

I added more cumin and a sprinkle of red pepper flakes. The Happy Herbivore recipe also called for onion flakes but I didn’t have any. Also, you can absolutely use a different barbeque sauce. The recipe called for a Worcestershire Sauce (a recipe was even provided in the cookbook) as well as a tablespoon of nondairy milk. I would have used skim milk but honestly forgot the ingredient yet didn’t notice until I looked at the recipe again after eating.

guac with onion ring

I have never been a chip and dip person but I feel like topping everything I eat with this sweet pea guacamole. Yes, including my onion rings.

I even wish that the veggie burger I had over the weekend at Zinburger would have included this guacamole instead of just the avocado on top.

unnamed (21)

Looks like a fabulous meal, right? It was just OK. Don’t you hate when that happens?

Nothing worse than a meal that looks like it should be amazing yet ends up tasting just OK.

It is not OK to be just OK in my book. Not worth eating anything that is JUST OK.

Anyway, I experimented with some other recipes of my own inspiration (dessert of course) over the weekend so hopefully I will get to sharing those some time this week.

Right now I need to try to get some work done before the little boy is up. There is no school today so I will be taking him and his best pal to the Islanders game. I know, I know, Mother of the Year strikes again.

WAIT. Before I go, has anyone else seen that Lulu Lemon came out with compression socks?


They come in a light pink too – I saw them both in the store.

I didn’t exactly read rave reviews on these compression socks (mainly about the lack of the compression part) so I am curious if any of you have tried them or know anyone who has tried them.

It’s funny – I haven’t even been wearing my  Pro Compression socks at all and haven’t noticed that they are missing. My legs feel pretty great these days before, during and after my runs so I do wonder if I ever needed them in the first place.

Something to think about while I run this morning which, in case you are wondering, is possibly my last outdoor run for a bit with another cold front and snow storm looming. I refuse to call a cold front by the new media-given name of “Polar Vortex”. Is it just me, or does it seem like the media names regular weather occurrences simply for more marketing power?

Enjoy your Monday!



 Do you eat avocado as is or do you prefer guacamole? I never liked guacamole until recently but I think I am just as happy with plain avocado.

Do you wear compression socks? Which ones?

Are you off from work today?

How do you feel about this term “polar vortex”?




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  1. says

    I with you on the guacamole — I usually can’t be bothered with the extra work it takes since I’m perfectly content with just eating avocado on its own, but I have to admit that adding peas is an intriguing idea… My have to give it a shot. But then again, you’re talking to a girl who’s been planning on making her own hummus for something like 2 years and still hasn’t gotten around to it. One day.

    And the polar vortex thing? I had no idea what it was when I first hear the term. I just referred to the weather as being effin cold.

    • says

      Definitely try it with the peas. Just mash it all together and even skip the pureeing process. My son made his own hummus last month but as good as it was, some things are just easier to buy.

  2. says

    It’s like Missouri in New York! It can be 70 one minute and snowing the next.. crazy! I have every single kind of sock (I’m kind of obsessed) except compression. I heard they are awesome but I just haven’t shelled out the money for any yet.

  3. says

    I will not turn down anything with avocado in it! I prefer guacamole ONLY when the guacamole is really good. If it’s not amazing, I just want the avo 🙂 I NEED to get compression socks but I haven’t. They’re so expensive arg! Polar vortex sounds to me like the news is trying get people to panic. Just call it a big nasty storm or really really cold weather. Stay safe, my fam’s in that area now too.

  4. says

    LOL sounds like my life especially in Colorado. One minute its sunny and beautiful, the next minute it is snowing!! I think my best compression stuff is my CW-X stuff. I like my avocado with some salt and ketchup. Not off completely today, teaching spin and a few other random work related things, but all good stuff (: Have a wonderful monday!

  5. says

    I love avocados plain and as guacamole!!! Not sure how I would feel about the peas in it – hmmm…..
    It is a day off for us and it has been a great day of very little!!!

  6. says

    I actually JUST started like guac, but I suppose I can’t really say what I think about avocado by itself, because I have never tried it!! I also recently started wearing compression socks and PRO is my fave. I tried another brand (2xu), but they hurt my toes – unless they are too small?? And yes, I was off today and my hubby had to work, so I LOVED LOVED LOVED having the day/house to myself! 🙂 I don’t get “alone time at home” very much, so I try to enjoy it while I can, but then I ended up running around quite a bit today and even went to my hubby’s work to have lunch with him! haha I live in Ohio, so to me, it’s a polar vortex every winter – 80 one day, a blizzard the next, pull out the umbrella the next day…the weatherman makes a good living being wrong every day! LOL