Almost One Year Blog Anniversary

This has been one crazy busy week. In fact, I can’t understand how it is already Friday and I don’t remember Monday.
Something is up today with the font and spacing, do you notice it? Something I need to look into.
Ah, the joys of blogging and understanding websites.
I realized yesterday that The Cookie ChRUNicles one year blog anniversary is approaching any day now.
I find this anniversary to be the perfect excuse to bake another cake to celebrate all of the joy this little space on the internet has brought me.
Not only has this blog given me a place to write my thoughts each day, it has opened up my world to so many new friendships and opportunities that I cannot even believe the incredible year that I had and experiences that have taken place.
Blogging has helped me to develop my thoughts, better my writing skills and has assisted me in achieving so many dreams and goals that I really never thought would come to fruition.
I still can’t believe I was a Guest On Dr. Oz!
I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for logging in to see what I have to say and I truly value each comment, email and opinion you have given me.
I have learned so much over the past year and continue to learn from the journey that is blogland.
I do not know every person that reads The Cookie ChRUNicles but I have gotten pretty darn good at analyzing the demographics in my analytics.
While I certainly do not focus on the numbers, it is nice to see just how they have multiplied over the last 12 months.
I love to see the wide range of ages of my readers as well as seeing just how many followers I have throughout the world.
I think what helps keep a blog growing and successful is the genuine, real and unique voice behind the writing. I do hope you can feel how sincere I am each day and how upfront and honest I am in everything I say.
It is a slippery slope of drawing a line between being completely open and keeping some things in life private but I try my best to offer a balance and insight into as much of me as possible.
There are always going to be haters, Debbie downers, negative people and negative energies lurking in cyber space, just like in the real world.
My goal here, just like in my everyday life,  is to rise above that and continue to live my life as positive and as glass half full as possible.
Hmm. Just as I type “glass half full” I suddenly have a craving for chocolate milk.
 unnamed (35)
Instead of chocolate milk though at the moment, I am drinking the new Archer Farms Vanilla Bean Crème Brulee coffee.
It is delicious. Add it to your Target list for this weekend. $5.99 a bag.
Now. Where was I again? Oh, right – Blog Anniversary.
If you asked me to  list my favorite posts and moments from the past year, I don’t even think I could pinpoint because there have been so many.
I do try to keep updating my IF YOU MISSED IT page for all of you as well as myself. Since I blog easily 5 times a week if not more, so many posts have been written; so many good conversations, thoughts, chocolate cakes and Red Mango parfaits have been documented.
The Walk To Fire Island still stands out as one of my favorite experiences in 2013 and not just because we enjoyed terrific onion rings.
Walking to Fire Island was something I didn’t know was possible yet was right in front of me, there for the taking (or shall I say walking).
Sort of symbolic for so many things in life, yes?
And rather symbolic for me in terms of this blog. It was there for me to start at any moment opening up a whole new world of experiences – all I had to do was know about it and begin.
Speaking of beginning, it is totally weekend time. The weather has warmed up nicely and rumor has it tomorrow will be in the 50’s.
I don’t even care that they are forecasting rain. It is better than a snowstorm.
I will definitely be taking tomorrow’s long run outdoors even though I haven’t been minding the treadmill.
unnamed (22)
I wanted to show you that buying the Lulu Run Swiftly tops a size bigger really does give you additional length in the event you want to cover your tush from the cold – not that it was cold in the gym where I decided to run yesterday.
My runs lately on the treadmill have been nothing short of fabulous. I have adjusted to running on the mill and have found that I push myself to run much faster inside than I do outside.
I am hopeful that the speedwork I have been doing on the treadmill carries over to my outdoor runs. We shall see tomorrow.
Before I go get my Friday started, I wanted to share another Hungry Girl link of possible interest:
Let me know if you buy any of the products listed this weekend!
Will you be running indoors or outdoors this weekend?
Do you find you run faster on the treadmill?
Favorite coffee flavor that you brew at home?
Ever been to Fire Island?
How long have you been blogging?
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  1. says

    So exciting!! A year does fly doesn’t it?!
    I won’t be running this weekend since I will be in the backcountry doing an avalanche course, but I am hoping to bust out a quick TM run after work today!

  2. says

    So I had no idea you were on Dr. Oz, but… you’ve just hit celeb status in my mind 🙂 And happy [almost] blogiversary! I’m super happy to have ‘met’ you last year, and I seriously hope that I’ll -actually- be able to meet you at some point. Any chance you might be attending a blog conference this year?

  3. says

    Happy Almost 1 Year! Even though I’ve only been following you for a few months, I’m glad I eventually found you! So cool you were on Doctor Oz! Gotta check that out. And yes I’ve been to fire Island. It was 104 degrees and I got heat stroke. Ice cream helped…

  4. says

    With anniversary! I have the blog more than a year, but only recently started being engaged in it actively. I started reading and making comments on other blogs and is simply struck how I could not do it earlier. Now I count the beginning of the blog from the moment of the first comment on someone else’s blogs – after all it added me to their world 😉

  5. says

    I rode outside today, it was so windy though but I had to take advantage of the 45 degree sunny weather we got! I like to do tempo runs on the treadmill because I can control my pace but for just a regular run I prefer/run faster outside. I like pumpkin spice coffee. Today is my one week blogiversary!

  6. says

    Happy Anniversary Meredith! What an awesome year and Dr. Oz ! wow. exciting stuff:)
    and …You asked:
    On the hamster wheel, indoors. sadly, Its way too rainy on Long Island.
    I definitely run slower on the treadmill which surprises me. I’m usually about 20 seconds slower average pace.
    Yes yes YES to Fire Island!! I worked there for an entire summer once and got the greatest tans…only downside was talking the ferry (although the tickets were paid for by my boss 🙂 ) I worked in Kismet, at a candy/liquor shop. it was a pretty cool summer I must say.