Thinking Out Loud – Somehow We End Up Talking Running


Just about every day, someone asks me what I do when I have nothing to write about. Truth is, I always have something to say and sometimes don’t know what to say first.


There are those times though, like this week for example, where my schedule is so overwhelming that I don’t have the time to devote to getting my thoughts out of my head and organized into posts.

Enter Thursday for Thinking Out Loud – My opportunity to sit down and just write what comes to mind.

Let’s see where this goes today, yes? Yes. Thanks Amanda for the link-up fun!

Remember how I needed to get into the city yesterday morning super super super early to attend the bris?

unnamed (27)

I am always up early, but up and out, into and out of Manhattan all by 10:00 am?

unnamed (32)

I could say that my motivation for getting out the door so early in order to deal with city traffic came purely for the love for my family and desire to see this absolutely adorable and precious little cousin of mine, but that would only be part of the truth.

unnamed (28)

I will arrive just about anywhere at any time when I know an abundance of good food will be readily available.

unnamed (29)

A fabulous food spread including bagels, lox, muffins, cookies, rugelach, fruit, french toast and who knows what else was a major driving force for me here. There. I said it.

I couldn’t even blame my little boy for grabbing slices of French toast in one hand and muffins in the other as I prepared his bagel and lox plate – he is so my child.

unnamed (31)

As I made my way through my loaded plate that was topped off with serious amounts of fruit, I was reminded of how I fuel up in the days before a race.

I always rely on fruit, especially watermelon, to hydrate me properly. I swear, the extra doses of watermelon work every time.

Remember when I took a fall season hiatus from racing?


Oh yes. I AM BACK. Fitness Magazine Women’s Half here I come. April 13, 2014.

I knew my hiatus from racing would be short-lived.

All I needed was a break. I knew that, accepted it, honored it and now I am over it.

I registered yesterday for the More/Fitness Magazine Women’s Half Marathon and I think before we know it, April will be upon us.

I feel like it was just yesterday that I ran this half but really, it was almost a year ago.

If you asked me what my exact finish time was for this race, I honestly couldn’t tell you.

Is that weird? Most runners know their times to the second. I can’t rattle off one accurate race time of mine if I tried.

It is becoming quite clear to me that numbers of any kind really don’t matter to me.

untitled (3)

In fact, MapMyRun sent me my training log for 2013. Their stats are based only upon the runs I actually logged meaning I ran even more than the statistics in the chart claim.


2013 WORKOUT SUMMARYview all
125,434kcal burned


Interesting. These numbers seem like they should be a big deal, some type of motivating factor to better myself in 2014 yet I don’t think they hold much value to me.

Sure, I am proud that I am out there just about every day yet I have no intention of trying to go above and beyond 2013’s statistics.

I just run for me. Not for the numbers. Not for the races, not to win. Just for me.


I run for my daily dose of endorphins. For the mental clarity it gives me. For that crazy confident feeling it gives me each and every time.

As I looked at how beautiful and amazing my cousin appeared yesterday only 8 days after giving birth, I thought about how I felt after having my son.

If you have gone through childbirth, you may be able to relate – I felt as though I was the only person in the world to give birth.

Sounds crazy, right? But I recall the feeling. I recall thinking I just did such an amazing thing, I brought a life into the world and yes, I was the only person in the world capable of doing so.

Now, we all know this is not true. We all know that babies are born every day.

Where am I going with this? Well, when I run, I feel the same way. I feel as though I am the only one out there.

Each run is mine and each run I set out for and complete is some form of a crazy amazing achievement.

Imagine having such a wonderful feeling several times a week? No matter how crummy a run is, you feel the accomplishment.

Each run requires me to show up. Getting through those miles, as fast or as slow as you go, requires mental and physical stamina.


And when you complete what you set out to do, you have yourself an achievement.

I haven’t addressed New Year’s Resolutions because I really don’t believe in them.

I do believe in the power of running though.

I feel pretty confident in saying that running (or at least a daily workout routine) will give you confidence into everything else you set out to do.

This positive mental boost achieved through the power of exercise will help to keep you motivated in your weight-loss goals, healthier eating goals and just about any other goal on your list.

There’s your New Year’s Resolution pep-talk. I feel much knowing I finally mentioned something towards the resolution hoopla.

I am such a planner but I think I enjoy posts like this that just happen as I type.

Make sure you check out the rest of the Thinking Out Loud fun!



Have you registered for any spring races?

Do you remember your race finish times?

Why do you run?










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  1. says

    I love your reasons for running — that’s true love right there. I haven’t always had the best relationship with it, and I’ll fully admit that the reason I started was just to lose weight, which only turned into an unhealthy obsession and made me resent it completely. I started getting back into it before the snow fell and it felt completely different though, so I’m hoping to start dabbling in some more running when the weather warms up again 🙂

    • says

      Totally understand – it is a slippery slope. I have sort of learned though that my love of running comes before any desire to lose weight because I can’t run if I don’t eat enough and running comes first. That being said, running as much as I do keeps me fit enough, thin enough and hungry enough to enjoy food as fuel…I hope it warms up soon for you, your temps in Edmonton are just not ok!

  2. says

    Your reasons for running are spot on. I had to take a break from it because I crossed the line of getting down on myself for times. And that baby cousin of yours is so cute! It didn’t help my baby fever at all!

  3. says

    the food looks amazing! so excited you are doing the More 1/2 again. That was my first ever half marathon. I am just about to book my tickets for the NYC half in March, maybe we can try to get together this time?!?!

  4. says

    I SIGNED UP FOR THAT TOO! I run for my sanity, to eat froyo (although even if I don’t run I still eat froyo) and for social therapy 🙂 I found that working out helps me stay sane and if it means cutting something else out, so be it. It’s all about balance and I’ve found I enjoy the goals and training of running. I’m so excited for this half! Maybe if we get a lot of bloggers doing it we could get a meetup organized one day!

  5. says

    Having read your reasons for run, I remembered how I love it! Now not that weather to run regularly but I plan to resume run as soon as will become warmer. I want to finish a semi-marathon this year. Which demands 12 weeks of preparation… I will begin in March to finish before examinations. I can’t wait!

  6. says

    I always end up talking about running too… What can I say, it’s a passion! I want to run that half!! Too bad I’m leaning towards the ocean city half two weeks later and I have another half two weeks before so the timeline doesn’t match up. Maybe next year!