What I Ate Wednesday – Blinded By Oatmeal Love


It’s been a while since my last What I Ate Wednesday post, hasn’t it?


I am popping in quick this morning because I have to be out the door super super early for a family event in Manhattan.

unnamed (24)

Remember last week when my cousin had a baby? Today is the bris.

For my local readers, I picked up the gift at Spoiled Rotten – LOVE this store and I do believe you can order online!

Anyway, I wanted to talk to you today about what I ate on Monday because I made a really bad decision blinded by love.

I shall explain:



More often than not these days, I am back on the two-ingredient pancake topped with peanut butter and cranberry apple butter.

I usually make a second pancake after my workout or at least have some form of a snack with protein.

I was in a hurry to get out the door and get into the city early on Monday so right before I left the house, I think I grabbed a few apples slices and some peanut butter.


Here’s where the problem occurred.


My meeting took place at Sarabeth’s.

If you aren’t familiar with the restaurant, you may be familiar with Sarabeth jellies and preserves available around the world.


I have this little issue – if oatmeal is listed on the menu, I can’t resist it. So many lovely things were available to be eaten but my heart goes out to the warm bowl of oats.


Love is blind. It really is. This beautiful bowl of oats was A BIG MISTAKE.

Plain oats, as delicious as they are, even topped off with fresh fruit, aren’t going to do a thing for anyone’s appetite. At least not mine.

Oatmeal served without yogurt or peanut butter OR SOME FORM OF PROTEIN is a recipe for crazy hunger just waiting to happen.

Who was I fooling ordering an extra bowl of berries on the side? What I needed was a bowl of protein in order to not only be satisfied, but remain conscious during a meeting.

Telling you ravenous to the point of nausea about an hour later is an understatement.


The fact that I was nibbling on a Quest bar while still in a lunch meeting is just not OK.

The truth is, I know better. I know a meal needs protein. Especially at lunch when I am in a meeting and need brain fuel as well as energy to get me home for dinner.

And most importantly, as I sit here and think about that lunch, I needed protein to simply be full and not distracted by a growling stomach and the overall feeling of needing to eat before I hurt someone.

I am pretty confident I will never order “wrong” again. I have learned my lesson.

I also learned to not get all excited about the waiter offering to keep refilling my cup of coffee before driving home from the city. Not only are we lucky I made it home without wetting my pants, we are lucky my friend gave me watermelon when I dropped her off because I was completely dehydrated from the caffeine overload.



By the time I got home to make dinner, all I wanted was a giant bowl of roasted vegetables (broccoli, brussels sprouts and tons of butternut squash) along side a large omelette made with peppers and onions… topped off with lots of avocado.

I do want to mention though those meatless meatballs I said I was going to attempt to make a few weeks ago using the kidney beans.

unnamed (26)

I made them earlier this week and totally love them – just need to figure out the exact recipe in order to share it with you.




Peanut butter cup apples are still winning as my nightly dessert of choice. They don’t photograph that well but really, consider yourself lucky that I even manage to take a picture without eating them first.


If you haven’t made these apples yet, you need to. You really really need to.

Warm and gooey, coated with peanut butter and chocolate? Yeah, you really need to.



Do you feel sick when you get too hungry?

Do you get ravenous if you don’t eat “right” – as in not enough protein to satisfy?

What emergency snack is in your bag right now?




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  1. says

    When I am hungry, I can’t simply do anything. I can’t distract at all – all my thoughts are replaced by food. Therefore I always have banana or nuts in my bag to have a bite 😉 I understand about what you speak – I am simply sure that the food has to support protein. I won’t be able simply to gorge on if in a cup there are one vegetables or grain. Hunger will overtake me in an hour so I always add something. Even if this one cooked egg. So I feel more quietly 😉

  2. says

    Not only do I start feeling sick when I get too hungry, but lightheaded, scatterbrained, and completely b*tchy. Hunger is not a good look for me. And as much as I love oats, yeah… they definitely need to be doctored up. The bowl I have currently sitting in front of me has egg whites, yogurt, and almond butter in it… and that should hold me over for, oh… 2 hours? 😆 Ridiculous.

  3. says

    I feel sick and get extremely weak when I’m still hungry…then a headache comes on and I’m mega grumpy and all I can think about is food! I would have been just like you though and gone for the oats!

  4. says

    I am having oatmeal withdraws right now! Our microwave broke a couple weeks ago! I know I could make it on the stove but I’m too lazy for that in the mornings. However, I may have to make it a snack now!

  5. says

    I definitely get “haaaangry” when I don’t get enough protein into my meals or when I go for far too long between meals without a snack. And I’ll definitely have to try your apple dessert. It would be yummy with Enjoy Life chocolate chips and almond/pecan butter. Mmmmmm.

  6. says

    This is too funny. I’ve learned my lesson with oatmeal and found that it really doesn’t fill me up, usually leaving me frustrated 🙂

  7. says

    That’s so good that you learned from your mistake. I’ve definitely made the same mistake multiple times. And good that you had a quest bar with you. I’ve gotten hungry in meetings and have reached for a cookie because it was the only thing there. No good.

  8. says

    Oh ya, when hunger hits there is no going back! Ravenous could explain it but even worse, I get hangry so I feel bad for everyone else! I also carry a protein bar around so that this doesn’t happen too often.