Happy New Year From Times Square


Good morning 2014!

I had no intentions of being out last night. In fact, I can’t recall the last New Year’s Eve that I spent in a restaurant or anywhere outside of a friend’s house or the comforts of my own home.

I was not exactly in the fa-la-la mood as you may or may not have picked up from yesterday’s random post.

Blogging is an interesting thing; a majority of the time, chatting with you everyday is usually all sunshine and unicorns but there are times and moments when life can get in the way of that and, at least for me, I have a lot of trouble hiding behind words.

Anyway, sometimes you just have to go through the motions. Sometimes, especially when you least feel like it, you just must get on with yourself and your usual routine in order to feel normal. Whatever normal is.

Sometimes we don’t feel like running, we don’t want to get out of bed, we don’t want to cook, we don’t want to clean the house. Sometimes we don’t want to go out with our friends.

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Yet somehow, like last night for example, we go through the motions, get ourselves ready and end up in Times Square where the biggest party in the entire world is taking place.

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We find ourselves on a subway (only for the third time in my 35 years living in New York) with a stupid smile on our face.

unnamed (6)

We find ourselves staring up at the Empire State Building as it flashes a light show for the world to see.

unnamed (7)

We learn that the Red Mango in Penn Station makes a mean parfait as a snack before a fabulous dinner. Please don’t ask me how I ended up in Penn Station when I drove into the city which means I didn’t take the train.

Speaking of the fabulous dinner, I wish I had some photos from the meal but it was too dark to take any.

I am insisting though that the next time you find yourself in Manhattan, you choose to dine at Alta.

In fact, you need to invite me so that we can go together.

The restaurant featured all small plates. I can’t even count how many small plates we ordered but the Brussels sprouts were so amazing that I ordered another round and refused to share them with the rest of the table.

And, of course, when it came to dessert, I informed the table that I would not be sharing and they were on their own. Molten chocolate cake all to myself.

Yes, friends, it was one fabulous and hysterical evening.

unnamed (3)

I didn’t see the ball drop but how do you not buy the shirt from the guy on the corner who is simultaneously trying to scam you and steal your money?

And the best thing that took place on New Year’s Eve in Manhattan beside the Brussels sprouts?


My cousin, who might as well be my sister, gave birth to her first child right before midnight. A beautiful baby boy.

It is going to be a good year. For all of us.

Happy New Year!


Do you normally go out or stay in on New Year’s?

If you blog, do you struggle sometimes to post because life is getting in the way and making you feel like you are hiding behind words?

Best thing you ate last night?



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  1. says

    I’m definitely not the crazy partier that I was when I was younger, but I wouldn’t mind being in Times Square for NYE — at least once. I spent my NYE over at a friend’s house playing board games and drinking champagne. We were going to go downtown to catch the party and fireworks, but it was -20C and nobody felt like freezing.

    And girl… my impromptu blogging breaks are usually due to the fact that I’m having a bad day and can’t find the motivation to be peppy and happy. I hate trying to fake a tone, so I usually just end up not posting.

    Happy New Year! <3

    • says

      I say you come to New York for New Year’s next year – I promise to take you to Times Square and to Alta where I will make sure there are no peanuts….I hate trying to fake tone, in fact, I can’t do it. I am glad we are both feeling a bit better.

  2. says

    Hahahaha I can’t believe you bought a t-shirt! That’s hilarious and fabulous all at once! Usually I spend New Years Eve at home in sweats, but this year, my fiancé and I got all dressed up and went from the casino to a speakeasy bar. We were in the car driving at midnight, but it was still one of the best NYE experiences I’ve ever had.

    I will definitely be trying Alta (and the brussels sprouts) the next time I’m in NYC!