All Holidayed-Out


Something interesting happened after we spoke yesterday morning.

I didn’t feel well.

It was a short-lived bout with “not feeling well” but I was nauseous enough to know that there was no way I could go for a run. Or even a walk. Or attempt any form of my 30 minutes a day.

Doesn’t happen often but I am almost glad to know that even I have some limits and can recognize when I am just not able to put the workout clothes on and force a run.

I felt better later in the day but unfortunately, between feeling sick and having the little boy off from school, my usual work/blog routine is all thrown off and I didn’t have the opportunity to think about a post for today.

I considered sharing with you some last-minute recipe ideas for tonight but in all honesty, I am all “holidayed-out” and can’t even look at another cookie, dip or crowd pleasing bite.

If you are feeling all “holidayed-out” by now like me, I do have this recipe link for you:

9 Delicious Vegan and Gluten-Free Detox Recipes  -Angela from Oh She Glows put together a great list of  her top favorite plant-based recipes to kick off the New Year.

Please don’t fear the terms “Vegan” and Gluten-Free”…I follow neither a vegan or gluten-free diet but often enjoy foods that fall under those categories.

Browse through the recipes; you don’t need to adhere to all of the ingredients and cooking instructions – use them for inspiration, make some changes to apply to your tastes and create your own tasty dish.

I just realized I haven’t one photo in this post. I haven’t taken many pictures over the last few days but based upon the weather forecast, I think I can safely promise you snow-covered photos in the next few days. If you are lucky, maybe even one of me attempting to shovel.

Rumor has it that a big snow storm is due to arrive on Thursday followed by crazy frigid temps.

Thankfully I feel better so that I can go for a run outdoors- it is looking like one of the last mornings I can do so for a while.

Have I mentioned I hate winter?

Have a very Happy New Year!


Are you “holidayed-out” like me?

How is the weather by you?

Will you be running today?

Plans for New Years?





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  1. says

    I’m all holiday-ed out too. I won’t be running today, but wish I could. A walk will have to suffice. The weather here in No. California is unbelievable for winter. Clear skies and 60 degrees. We need rain badly. But it’s nice out. I don’t know if I would survive on the East Coast.

    Happy New Year. I enjoy reading your blog.