Chocolate Fudge Cookie Dough Layer Cake



I am a smart girl. One part street-smart, one part book-smart, and well, one part DESSERT SMART.

If you are looking to enjoy a good dessert, you can always count on me to point you in the right direction, bake it for you or go with you to the right place to have it.

And, as long as you realize you cannot share from my plate, your taste buds are guaranteed a dessert-worthy good time.

Like I always say, if I am going to eat it, it is going to be worth it.


That my friends, is the chocolate fudge layer cake that I baked up for my dad’s birthday dinner. I hated holding out on you yesterday therefore I am here this morning to share the details.

You see, I am the queen of baking cookies, brownies and random bite sized delicacies. Cakes though? Layer cakes? Frosting? Not so much.

But I was determined.

Have you ever baked a cake before?  From scratch?

Don’t be afraid. It really was very simple.

I searched for the right combination of recipes like it was my job. I pinned a ton of recipes on my Pinterest Desserts Board.

I consulted with the little boy on preferences although I knew chocolate was the only way we were going.

Chocolate fudge frosting or a chocolate ganache – no  butter cream and no cream cheese frosting allowed. Why? Because I don’t care for them.

This cake might have been for my dad but I am a selfish baker and since I would be eating the cake and I am Cake Smart, no one elses opinion stands a chance.

The recipe for the chocolate cake came from Hershey’s Kitchen. The only adjustment I made to the recipe was substituting melted coconut oil for the vegetable oil.

I made this substitution because I didn’t have vegetable oil and didn’t want to buy it. I also prefer to use coconut oil for the health benefits and since it is known to bake well in recipes, I just knew it would work.

For the chocolate fudge frosting, I wanted something WITHOUT shortening and WITHOUT corn syrup.

After perusing numerous fudge frosting and ganache recipes, I actually went with Hershey’s chocolate fudge frosting that accompanied the chocolate cake recipe. I chose the recipe because it was a simple list of ingredients- made with only butter, cocoa, vanilla, powdered sugar and a drop of milk (skim milk).

And the cookie dough on top and inside? Let’s talk about it.


I felt the need for something extra; nothing crazy, nothing over the top that would clash the flavors, but something extra.

I went with eggless cookie dough for the taste and texture. Small amounts mixed in the middle layer of chocolate fudge frosting and some extra dough on top.

I have made eggless cookie dough before but since I couldn’t recall my exact recipe, I followed Averie’s recipe which you can view by clicking here. Just note that I only followed this specific recipe for the cookie dough portion.


After easily preparing and baking the cakes, I whipped up the cookie dough and let it chill in the refrigerator.

Once the cakes cooled for several hours, I quickly mixed up the frosting (literally took about five minutes) and put the little boy to work rolling small balls of cookie dough.

We put some of the small balls of dough into some frosting and spread a thick chocolately layer on top of one of the cakes.


The frosting spread so easily; it was a completely seamless process. There was plenty for the middle layer and for the outside of the cake.

It was so easy to do, the cakes were so sturdy that even with a 10-year-old boy battling me for the spatula throughout the frosting process, nothing crumbled or fell apart.

I am no perfectionist when it comes to frosting and decorating. I am more about taste and have no patience for the aesthetics. If you ask me though, it came out pretty.


I am all about a soft frosting; fudgy yet not crazy sweet, a frosting that is super rich and chocolately that melts in your mouth.

The best part is that we made the entire cake Thursday, covered it up and when we cut the cake last night and dug in, it tasted as fresh as if we just made it.


The cookie dough inside was not overpowering, just enough for an extra bite of a chocolate chip mixed with that sinful bit of cookie dough.


Remember I always prefer to eat dessert with a spoon.

What I really liked about this cake is that I didn’t feel sick after eating. You know what I am talking about – that mega-dessert overload that takes over your body from eating super rich ingredients.

As rich, decadent and fudgy as this cake was, I felt completely fine. And trust me, I ate my share of cake as well as yours.

I attribute this good feeling to the freshness of my ingredients and the lack of shortening, preservative, syrups, partially hydrogenated oils and who knows what else is routinely lurking in store-bought cakes.

Normally I like my desserts made for me. Even though I love to bake, I really like to eat something I DIDN’T MAKE.

I can’t explain it, I don’t understand it yet my opinion on this dessert matter has now changed after baking and eating this ridiculous cake.

If you are wondering if I served anything else for dinner, as much as I would have certainly eaten a slice or two of cake as my entrée, I did in fact cook up a whole birthday meal.

I plan to touch on the dinner details (and share a recipe or two) on Monday; the cake deserved a special weekend post of its own.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend…If you decide to bake a cake, please let me know how it comes out!




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    Well thank you for just making my birthday cake choice that much harder. This cake looks amazing… and I love the sound of the chocolate fudge frosting. I’m not the biggest buttercream fan either, so this looks perfect. Gah! Don’t be surprised if some version of this finds its way onto my plate next Saturday!