Thinking Out Loud Link-Up With Running With Spoons!


Happy Thursday! I am super excited this morning because Amanda decided to host a link up today to her Thursday “Thinking Out Loud” posts.


I am always thinking something so this gives me the perfect opportunity to let you in on my thoughts of the moment. I know you are excited.

Before we get started, thank you to everyone who entered the #Kindawesome giveaway!

The winner is Mary  – Congratulations and I will be emailing you shortly!
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Now…without further ado, let’s take a look at what I am thinking:

1. In honor of our host,  it is only fitting that I start today’s post showing you my collection of spoons.

IMG_1162 (2)

Upon reviewing my stash of yogurt store plastic spoons the other day, I became curious as to where and when I got this purple spoon and then wondered why yogurt stores only seem to offer “girl” spoons.

As a kid, I always viewed my box of crayons in terms of “boy” colors and “girl” colors – you know, the reds, pinks and purples were the girl crayons and the blues, greens, yellows and ugly browns were the boy crayons.

If you are wondering why I didn’t list orange, I guess I just never formed an opinion about the orange crayon. Didn’t care to color with it but used it if I was drawing a rainbow and needed to complete the ROY G BIV.

Please tell me you recall ROY G BIV?

2. Maybe my labeling of colors boy and girl is the reason I can’t bring myself to try out blue or green shades of nail polish.

IMG_1190 (2)

I can’t help but go with some shade of light pink to avoid seeing the chippage. Is chippage a word? I think it is, spellcheck doesn’t.

But then again, spellcheck is always putting a red line under DESSERT which always make me think that the person behind this whole spellcheck system is on some fad diet where dessert is off-limits and taking it out on the rest of us.

3. Dessert. Ah yes. Always on my mind.

IMG_3478 (2)

My favorite partner in food crime and I ventured out in the snow and ice the other evening  to enjoy my favorite Linda’s Fudge Cake. Am I the only one who orders the chocolate cakes at The Cheesecake Factory instead of cheesecake?

I just never learned to love cheesecake. Goes back to when I was a kid – the words cheese and cake should never have formed a compound word. Cup and cake, yes…cheese and cake, just no.

IMG_3471 (3)

Although, to be fair, I have allowed my spoon to taste the Hershey’s Chocolate Bar Cheesecake which is slowly changing my opinion.

4. I need to talk spoons again. Seems to be a theme in this post, yes? I just can’t help but mention that I only use a spoon to eat my dessert, even if it is cake. No forks allowed for dessert. Oh and the smaller the spoon, the better. Actually, I like to eat all of my meals using small utensils.

5. I am beginning to think that part of being a child means thinking your parents aren’t cool.

Last night the little boy and I attended some sort of Book Bonanza at our local Barnes and Noble to benefit his school.

As we walked in, he firmly whispered to me, and I quote:

“I see people I know so walk away from me. Go. Go the other way.”

IMG_1189 (2)

Really? And here I thought I was cool. There goes my high self-esteem again.

6.  I can’t seem to give up reading an actual newspaper.

Call me old-fashioned, but I just can’t bring myself to cancel my paper delivery.

IMG_1185 (2)

I have been on the fence about canceling for a while now and every time I think I am ready to make the call, I get a bunch of coupon inserts like these that came yesterday. How can I pass up the newspaper perks of BOGO for frozen yogurt?

7. Another thing I can’t pass up right now are fun knee socks.


They keep me all warm and cozy and fit nice inside my boots. In fact, they are the only positive to come out of the recent frigid and snowy weather.

th (5)

Is it wrong that I plan to get myself some more knee socks from Little Miss Matched?



They have so many fun patterns like these Big Apple socks. I may have to check them out.

And you need to check out the rest of the Thinking Out Loud posts! Thanks Amanda for the link-up!



What color is on your nails?

Cheesecake or chocolate cake?

Do you take home the yogurt store spoons?










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  1. says

    We only have a couple of frozen yogurt spoons in our silver ware drawer. If I was able to eat dairy though we’d have a TON more. I love using them. If I have the option between the pink fro yo spoon or a regular metal one, of course I go with the first.

    I associated the colors with genders too! Haha. Now I’m wondering where my thoughts were on orange too because that’s really the only color I don’t remember…

    Oh no…. That phase as begun with your kid. I actually never really had that phase. I always thought my parents were pretty cool 99% of the time. My brother however is still in that phase but it extends to his whole family. Lol. He’s just antsy to get away from us when we’re in public.

    Little mismatched socks are great. I actually have them on my Christmas list too 🙂

  2. says

    Get out of my head! Seriously, though.
    1. I have never liked girl colors. Even in kindergarten, pink and purple never made the cut.
    2. I can’t stand cheesecake. I try to like it– i really do — but cheese and cake aren’t supposed to mix, IMHO. I always order the Tiramisu at Cheesecake. Yum.

  3. says

    😆 Oh this was amazing — loving it, lady! Where to start…

    I’m with you on the spoons… I love eating with them, and I’ll take them over forks for pretty much anything save a salad… but that’s only because you probably technically can’t even eat a salad with a spoon. In any case, big spoons are a big downer — the tiny ones are where it’s at.

    Chipped nails. Oh gawl. I’ve actually given up painting my nails for a while because I couldn’t handle the chippage. I think it has something to do with the fact that the air is a lot drier in the winter, and my nails just seem to chip faster. Going to have to follow your lead and hit up a light pink.

    Also, I’ll pass on the cheesecake. You’re right about those two words just never sounding right. Chocolate cake, though? Get in my belly.

  4. says

    YES to yogurt spoons. I take them all the time. Like seriously, I get disappointed when they’re just boring regular spoons instead of the fancy froyo ones. And cheesecake factory chocolate cake. Stop it. I’m seriously considering going there for dessert tonight. I hate cheesecake but that chocolate cake and I have been friends for quite some time now. My first day during college orientation my now best guy friend bet me that I couldn’t finish it on my own plus my meal. I won.

  5. says

    I’m going to say Yes. Yes you are the only one who orders chocolate cake instead of cheesecake. Ha! Just kidding, but really,…how in the heck can you pass it up! I like the cheesecake with brownie in it too. Mmm