Rationalizing The Lulu Fluff Over Jacket, Holiday Shopping And Some Recipes


It’s Friday. Wow. Week. A. Blur.

I was so consumed with telling you about my epic Panera hot chocolate experience yesterday that I never got around to saying I ran 10 miles on Wednesday.

It was a fabulous run and my feet felt great. In fact, I didn’t even notice them. I have said it before and I will say it again – you know you are having a good run when you forget you are running AND  you don’t notice your feet.

Since I am trying to be smart, I made sure to cross train yesterday on the elliptical to avoid overpounding the pavement and may do something light and quick this morning to save myself for my long run tomorrow morning.

If you are curious as to what my mind has been thinking about obsessively, here is an image for you:


I want this. Lulu Fluff Over Pull Over Jacket. In either color.


Here’s the situation. This lovely, cozy, functional and pretty running jacket is filled with 800-fill-power premium goose down.

I am allergic to goose-down.

Part of me is happy to have this allergy at the moment because it eliminates any possibility of purchasing this pricey Lulu beauty.

The other part of me is rationalizing how running and risking an allergy attack may be worth it somehow.


The little boy asked me what I wanted for Hanukkah (which is next week already, geez) and I said no gifts, just good behavior.

He went with gifts.

IMG_0781 (2)

And already gave them to me.

He picked them out all by himself, used his own money and couldn’t contain his excitement long enough to hold off until the first night of Hanukkah.

IMG_0783 (2)

I already sparkled up one nail on each of my hands. It makes a nice touch to my Essie pink of the week.

The best part of his thoughtful gifts is that he read the ingredients and questioned if they are OK for me to use.

I have raised him well. I am a proud mother.

You know what else I am proud of?

IMG_0777 (2)

Sometimes I contemplate removing my 13.1 polka dot magnet but then I realize how helpful it is to spot my car in a parking lot so I leave it on.

Not to mention, seeing the 13.1 reminds me every day of my accomplishment.

Did you see this article? If you haven’t read it, click now and read. The nerve of some people. I earned my 13.1 thank you very much.

I also advise that you read Cait’s view on this article as well.  You know Cait, our favorite Arty Runner Chick. Gotta love her and her love of running.

Anyway, if you are wondering what I will be doing this weekend besides running, you will most likely be able to find me in a store or a mall looking for Hanukah gifts for my son who needs nothing  and various friends and relatives who need nothing either.

Just being honest. Who NEEDS anything these days?  I mean, besides me needing that pretty running jacket that could cause an allergy attack at any time.

Before I go, I want to share with you a link to a Thanksgiving Recipe. I know I know, Thanksgiving recipes everywhere you turn but I must show you something I want to make. Like now.


Sweet Potato Stuffed Apples Topped With Toasted Marshmallows from Iowa Girl Eats. Um, yes please.

If you ask me, this combo can work any day of the year. In fact, all this recipe needs is some peanut butter to complete the three foods I consume on a daily basis. I bet it would be delicious with Mighty Maple peanut butter mixed in.

And wait, one more recipe link because I am suddenly feeling all inspired:

Hungry Girl’s Best Of Thanksgiving Recipes

Have a great weekend!



What do you think of the Lulu jacket?

Do you have foods you consume every day of the year? I absolutely eat an apple a day, peanut butter every day and just about a sweet potato a day.

Do you have a 13.1 or 26.2 or any type of race magnet on your car?




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  1. says

    I say buy it. I kid, I kid. Running and allergy attacks are not a good mixture! It is really cute though. If I bought it I’d have to really run outside in the cold though haha. Your little boy is so sweet.
    I have a 13.1 sticker on my car and now I need a 21.2! I also have one that says running is cheaper than therapy.

  2. says

    When I was at Lulu last week wasting away all my money, I saw a girl trying that jacket on. Can we say… The most adorable, cozy and beautiful jacket ever? YES.
    Super cute that your son did all that for you. He’s well trained, and well raised, obviously! 🙂
    And let me not even start on a rant about that article… I just read it and am a little bit irritated… Okay, a lot irritated, for lots of reasons. And I have a 26.2 on my car and I’m damn proud of it. And I enjoy getting up to run, I enjoy being out there in front of the world to run. I am proud of these things. I don’t sit over here and judge anything about anyone – especially when it comes to working out. Why is running being made fun of? I don’t get it.
    Have a great weekend!