A Spin Class Memory


I wasn’t going to post today but felt the need to pop in and tell you that 12 years ago this morning I took a spin class.

Yes,  I realize this may sound of very little importance but let me explain.

I still recall the spin class I took 12 years ago this morning because it was the morning of my wedding day. How many brides-to-be are up bright up and early spinning? I would love to take a poll on this.

As we all know, I am no long married. I am divorced. And really, quite happy about it.

But, the anniversary of what was once my wedding day still comes around every November 17th. Sure, I could choose to ignore it or curse it but that is just not me.

This day was once special to me.

How many of us have dates on the calendar that were once super special only to have life happen and make the dates something to be forgotten? Or dreaded?

I am always one to look for the positive in a situation and I always see my glass half full – this date on the calendar is no exception.

It was once what I wanted. It was a beautiful day, I was a beautiful bride (at least I think I was) prancing around in a big pretty dress and the food was amazing. Of course it was, it was my wedding.

And the best part about November 17th, it paved the way for me to have my son.

If we dread and wish away every date on the calendar that is a negative reminder, by the time we all reach the age of 65, there is a good chance that not a positive date in any given month will be left.

Life happens. Why not find something positive in every day, every date and celebrate it.

In all fairness, it is quite possible I find reasons to celebrate just to have an excuse to eat dessert.

Cold Stone Creamery Sundae

My favorite Cold Stone sundae in the chocolate dipped waffle bowl happened last night.

If celebrating with ice cream sundaes is wrong, then I don’t know what’s right.


Best thing you ate so far this weekend?

How do you handle dates on the calendar that were once special?

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  1. EZTWINS says

    And a beautiful bride you were. For sure worth that amazing sundae from coldstone. Always a silver lining.