THREE TIP TUESDAY- Taking My Own Winter Running Advice

Good morning! Yesterday started so bright and early for us that it is a miracle I managed to squeeze in a run. Wait, it was no miracle. I made it happen.

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So what if I wear two different colored socks? As long as they are the same style, my feet don’t know the difference. It is much easier to allow yourself to wear different colored socks than decide to start sorting and folding laundry in the wee hours of the morning.

I easily could have skipped the run yesterday but I hate doing that. As hard as it is to get out of bed sometimes, it is a matter of minutes before the endorphins kick in making me glad I chose to run.

A morning workout always puts me in a good mood and provides me with energy for the entire day.


Perfect gift for me. Perfect. Just perfect. And I really do need some new mugs…


I had a totally different post full of tips planned for today. I often have so many things that I want to chat about that planning posts in advance can be good and bad. Good because I organize my ideas and bad because I often change my mind and decide I want to discuss something else entirely.

Over the past few weeks, we have discussed winter weather running accessories as well as cost-effective ways to get our must-have apparel and gear. If you follow other blogs, you have also read a ton of other winter weather running posts so the last thing I want to do is repeat everything they have said.

Rather than repeat what others have suggested, I decided to talk to you today about some things I have been trying to apply to my own routine now that the temps have dipped and my running has needed to adapt to the conditions.


I am the worst at pacing myself. They always recommend that you start slow to warm up and then dive into faster speeds which achieves those negative splits.

I, on the other hand, never really followed this theory. I always jumped on out there, feeling out for a quick pace, always hoping for a “great running day” meaning a pace that was fast yet came pretty easy.

This is not the approach a runner should take. Especially in the winter. The muscles need to warm up before reaching a peak speed. And in the cold weather, you really need a few more minutes to get those muscles prepped and ready to run.

Over the last several weeks, as the weather has changed from summer-like to fall, I have noticed that my muscles really need at least the first mile, and sometimes 3 miles, to feel warm and ready to get down to business.

Try to get your blood flowing a bit before you even step outside. Stretch, skip around the house as you get dressed, a few jumping jacks, dance- whatever gets your body moving and blood flowing. This applies to indoor workouts as well – loosen up those muscles!

I have been forcing myself to take this advice and it has worked wonders for me.

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Cold  weather + exercise = runny nose. Do I really need to provide you with the science behind what they call Exercise Induced Rhinitis?

What I need to provide you with is the tip to stuff some tissues in your pockets.

Do you really want to wipe your nose with your gloves while you are running? Didn’t think so.


I don’t know about you but once the temperature drops, I don’t sweat as much as I do in the summer running months. Often we relate hydration with hot sweaty summer runs.

We need to remember to continue to drink and stay hydrated regardless of the temperatures. I have not been drinking much, if at all, during any of my runs and I have been feeling the effects the next day.

Extreme thirst is an understatement. I am waking up at night so thirst and dry that I have to get up out of my warm bed to drink A FEW glasses of water.

Even during the day, I am looking to quench my thirst to the point where I am buying pre-cut watermelon because water alone isn’t cutting it.

This is a big deal because I HATE paying for pre-cut fruit.

Lack of proper hydration affects you during your runs too so keep drinking, even if you think you aren’t thirsty.

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And before I go, I feel the need to share with you one more tip:


I found this sweatshirt at Target for $19.99 which is MUCH CHEAPER than the version they sell at Bloomingdales.

You are welcome.


Do you warm up before you work out?

Are you hydrating less now that it is colder outside?

If you are a blogger, how often do you plan posts in advance only to decide to post about something else entirely?




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    This is all great advice! Especially the tissues! It’s more than just a runny nose. I always tear up when I run during the winter. People running past me must think that I just went through a horrible breakup with all the tears streaming down my face. It’s actually a little funny.