My First What I Ate Wednesday!

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Each Wednesday I look forward to reading all of the What I Ate Wednesday posts that are a part of Peas And Crayon’s weekly link up party.


If you aren’t familiar, What I Ate Wednesday is a weekly gathering of healthy living bloggers hosted by Jen over at Peas and Crayons where bloggers post about their daily/weekly/new eats. It is a great opportunity to learn some new recipes, get ideas to spice up your routine meals and experience some new blog friends.

I have never participated before but decided today was the perfect opportunity after yesterday’s post about my vegetarian diet plateau. I have really been making a conscious effort to shake things up and increase my protein at each meal.

Breakfast lately:

Instead of my usual oatmeal variety bowl, I have switched on over to my version of the two-ingredient pancake.

IMG_0327 (3)

Using a mix of either egg plus whites or all whites combined with mashed banana, I create a pancake (or omelette) that is both sweet and savory as well as a good does of protein and carbs to get me through my morning run.

IMG_0461 (2)

I am working on flipping it perfectly.


Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.


Either way, topped off with some peanut butter (and a drop of jelly on occasion), my stomach is satisfied and happy. Best part? I can run shortly after eating this breakfast without any digestive issues.

Do I miss my morning oatmeal? Nope.

But that’s only because I look forward to seeing it at lunchtime.

IMG_0465 (2)

If you follow me on instagram, you already know that lunch lately has more often than not been an oatmeal yogurt parfait. I always hated lunch simply because I never felt like anything – it was always that meal in between a great breakfast and a yummy dinner.

These days however, I am absolutely loving my lunch.

IMG_0464 (2)

A good mix of cooked oats (I love oatmeal cold) combined with plain greek yogurt, berries,  granola and peanut butter and I am a happy camper.

The only vegetable I see midday lately is if I decide to go crazy and add pumpkin to the parfait.

And yes, that is a parfait in a mug. I don’t know why, but I love my oatmeal yogurt concoctions served in anything but a traditional bowl.


Like this travel cup – parfaits pack well. Try it.

I really believe that reducing the amount of vegetables I am consuming combined with a bump up in my protein has worked wonders on keeping me full and satisfied without weighing me down. My stomach and I have learned that I can only handle so many vegetables so I have reserved the majority of them for dinner time or late afternoon snack (which really means snacking while cooking dinner).


Dinner really hasn’t changed much as of late. It is always a random mix of roasted and steamed veggies and avocado accompanied by a complex carb such as quinoa, sweet potatoes, brown rice, sometimes a mix of all three and/or a variety of squash. I try to include either beans, cheese or my favorite meatless meatballs as a protein source.

Depending upon the night, I either go with an Asian, BBQ flavor or Italian theme.

IMG_0469 (2)

I have noticed that my intake of beans (chick peas and black beans) has dropped considerably lately but that’s OK. I know I will come back to them.

You know what else has dropped off? Sit down for this.

IMG_0472 (2)

Meet my new weeknight dessert. A Double Chocolate Chunk Quest Bar topped off with a mix of Crunch Time Peanut Butter and PB2.

I know, I didn’t think I would give up my evening apple and peanut butter either. But I am so loving the Quest bar warmed with the peanut butter and the extra protein isn’t hurting me either.

IMG_0317 (2)

Random apple slices are happening throughout the day and sometimes they make a great snack topped with egg white omelettes.

And there you have it. My very first WIAW and a glimpse into my recent meals.

This was fun. Is it sad what I consider fun?

Now go check out the other WIAW posts. I am telling you, great meal ideas!



What have you been eating for lunch lately?

Favorite type of apple? I love my granny smith but lately the pink lady is making me happy.











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  1. says

    All your food looks so yummy! I never realize which bloggers do WIAW and which ones don’t so it’s fun to read a new WIAW! And that breakfast pancake sounds perfect. If I have time to attempt that this week, I will be doing so – with jelly on top because I like sweets like that! 🙂
    I am with you – I’m not big into lunch, mainly because all I eat is a salad whilst sitting in my desk… My life is riveting, I tell ya!

  2. says

    Awwr yay for your first WIAW 😀 It’s seriously a post that I look forward to writing every week — I just love talking about food 😉 And girl… you do lunch RIGHT. Lunch is my least favourite meal of the day as well, but I find that I definitely look forward to it more when it’s on the sweeter side. I may just have to take after you and jump on the breakfast for lunch bandwagon.

    • Support says

      I am all for breakfast for lunch – nothing makes me happier midday than a sweet meal.