Weekend Time – Needing a Break From Routine

It may be close to freezing this morning, I may need to bundle up in layers and hope to avoid frost bite while running but I don’t care at the moment – I am just happy it is Friday. I am more than ready for a break from the weekday routine.


Yesterday, in between after school activities, I treated us to pizza.

 The little boy, who can’t even be quiet long enough to chew, asked me if I can go a day without vegetables.

My response? Sure I can. I just choose to eat my tasty nutrients rather than swallowing them in pill form or through blended forms found in powders.

However, lately I have been eating much less from the produce section. Aside from my beloved apples, berries and this week’s pineapple, if you follow me on Instagram, you have seen breakfast foods making a repeat appearance at lunch.


Yes, that is an ice cream bowl with a baby big bird spoon. Whoever said creative in the kitchen was limited to the ingredients you use in your food?

Oatmeal, greek yogurt bowls and comfort foods such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches just sit so nicely in my stomach that they have been replacing lunchtime salads and basically anything involving vegetables.

My stomach can only handle so many servings of vegetables and I am learning that they can’t appear on my plate for lunch AND dinner.

I am all for getting your 5 or 10 a day but sometimes, your stomach needs a break from the routine and you need to listen to your body.

You know what else I have been listening to?

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If Eminen’s new song Beserk has yet to make it to your playlist, I am suggesting you add it now.

The Islanders warm up to this song blasting before every game and I know why – it really gets you going.

And on that note, it is time for me to get going and get ready for a cold morning run.


I just realized that Halloween is already next week and I have yet to select this year’s candy to give out to the trick or treaters. If you are also wondering which candy to buy or even which candy to eat next week, check out Hungry Girls latest newsletter:

Tremendous Guide To Halloween Candies

Have a great weekend!



Do you ever take a break from eating your veggies?

Do you ever eat breakfast for lunch or even for dinner?

When it comes to Halloween candy, do you go for the chocolate or the sugary stuff? I am chocolate all the way. I have no time for the chewy sweet candies that spend more time stuck in my teeth than in my stomach.




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      So weird because that’s the domain I had in there that wasn’t showing up – I will check again. Thanks!

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    That pizza looked so good when I saw it last night! 🙂 Love that your kid knows that his mama loves her veggies! And yes, some weeks I have a smaller intake than others, but I still always make sure I’m overall doing the right thing. What an awesome spoon, I’m jealous!
    Have an amazing weekend love!
    Oh, as for Halloween candy, I’ll take anything except Almond Joy and Mounds. Grosssssss.

  2. says

    I have never thought of putting broccoli on pizza, it looks amazing!

    Do you ever take a break from eating your veggies?
    * I’ve been really bad about not eating my veggies here recently. I need to get back to it.
    Do you ever eat breakfast for lunch or even for dinner?
    * I love breakfast for dinner – I usually splurge & have something I wouldn’t normally have for actual breakfast, like pancakes or French toast.
    When it comes to Halloween candy, do you go for the chocolate or the sugary stuff?
    * Chocolate all the way!

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      I think the veggie slice loaded with vegetables is definitely a full serving, if not more!

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    I can NEVER get enough veggies!!! LOL! I eat far too many actually, and my stomach actually cannot process carbohydrates so yeah, whoops! I have this balance though that I generally eat, but every so often, I just cannot control myself, LOL! But you’re right, we need to vary our diets – WE DO! Except I don’t! I am too scared to because of my stomach issues 🙁 (and I am a little lazy to cook other recipes lol) But LUCKLY, I am a VERY healthy eater –

  4. says

    Yum to both that pizza and that ice cream bowl – love the spoon!! I am obsessed with brunch and have it a lot of time quite late so it would be considered breakfast for lunch.

    This is my first visit to your blog too and I love it especially that picture of you with the chocolate bar, too funny!!