13.1 Miles and Red Mango News

Good morning and Happy Sunday to you! I hope that you are enjoying your weekend and that the weather in your area is feeling like fall.


I love all of the seasons for different reasons but come on, fall is the best. Especially when you can run in conditions that look like this.

Do you notice that fresh strip of black top behind the pretty tree? That would be my path! To my surprise, they basically finished the entire path!

IMG_0185 (2)

Except for certain little sections where I need to run under some yellow tape (I am so daring, I know), I was able to run most my 13.1 miles yesterday all on my routine route.

It was a gorgeous morning for a run; crisp and cool with a bit of sun and leaves crunching under my feet. It even smelled like fall. Perfect.

My run? It was fine. Nothing spectacular, my pace is still a bit off although I don’t really get nutty about it when I go long. I may attempt some speed work runs this week to work on the issue.

I also may be saying goodbye to MapMyRun for my run tracking. The new Fit Friend app is on my mind and may be downloaded to my phone shortly. Stay tuned.

IMG_0202 (2)

You know I am feeling the after effects of a run when I spend the day out and about in sneakers whiling looking like I just rolled out of bed. Running errands and shopping after a morning of 13.1 miles is not exactly ideal but I took it slow and tried not to let my pocketbook slow me down. Anyone else find that their pocketbooks weigh more than them even when very little is inside?


RED MANGO NEWS ALERT: I spotted promotional material for the new Nonfat Greek Yogurt. It is about time.

I still don’t have the exact nutrition info but what we do know is that it is nonfat, contains 50% more protein than their regular frozen yogurt plus 25% of the daily value of calcium.

IMG_0200 (2)

Perfect for my second post run meal and mid shopping fuel.

I have a busy Sunday ahead so it is time for me to get moving.

If you have Red Mango near you, please go and see if they have the Greek Yogurt yet and let me know what you think!




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  1. says

    If you get a chance give the Strava app a try. I use my Garmin watch now and upload to Strava but before that Strava was my gps running app on the go and I highly recommend it. Oh and thanks for once again making me crave dessert for breakfast 🙂

    • WordPress.com Support says

      I wouldn’t stop anyone from choosing to eat Red Mango for breakfast…I think it is the perfect anytime meal!

  2. says

    Ohhh yum!! The froyo looks so delicious!! I could go for some of that right about now!! Also, props to you on all the miles 🙂 Well done!