Granny Smith Apples And Hershey Park Cookies

Fairway Market and I have officially made up. I will happily walk into Fairway today as if nothing negative between us ever happened.

IMG_0173 (2)

It was about time they put my beloved Granny Smith apples back on special.

I have been getting by with purchasing my apples from Trader Joe’s and while those apples served me well, Fairway apples hold a special place in my heart. A really  large place in my heart because they are gigantic.

IMG_0180 (2)

You know what else holds a special place in my heart?


The Hershey Half Marathon. Although I will not be running it this weekend, I did run it last year and it was a great (and delicious) experience.

Have I mentioned that the Hershey Half was my first half marathon? All the more sweeter.

I will admit that I am feeling a bit sad that I opted out of running this weekend. Although no, I do not regret my decision.

Hershey is not around the corner and since I really lost my desire to race for a bit, I will not get upset with myself for going with my true feelings.

There will be plenty of other races and I am thankful that I can run 13.1 anytime and anywhere without having to be registered for an actual race.

You can be sure though that tomorrow’s long run will be in the form of 13.1.

Since I will be missing out on some fresh from the park Hershey’s chocolate and the contents of the best post race goody bag ever, a double dose of delicious desserts are on my agenda for the weekend.

IMG_0182 (2)

See this giant cookie all wrapped up? Last year’s race goody bag contained a jumbo oatmeal chocolate chip cookie and somehow I snagged two of them.

Hershey Park oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are so beyond amazing that I just couldn’t eat the only other one that I had. So I froze the remaining cookie for safe keeping to be eaten at a to be determined later date.

I still have it and may eat it this weekend just because. Like when you freeze the top layer of your wedding cake and then eat it on your first anniversary.

Since I am considering eating the cookie this weekend, I should also consider cleaning out and organizing my freezer. I swear I open it to take one thing out and everything falls on me.


I crack myself up with these ecards. Have a great weekend!



Are you running in a race this weekend?

If you have been married, did you freeze your wedding cake and eat it on your anniversary?

Is your freezer always a mess like mine?





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    HURRAH!!! regardless of the race, i’m pumped u STILL got ur hershey fix. 😉 but seriously, i’m glad u made the right choice and listened to ur heart. racing when u’re not ‘into it isn’t ever a good thing. u want to be excited to run and race. recharge that excitement level and there are ALWAYS races to run later. 🙂