Very Cherry Berry Blend and Red Mango News

Good morning sunshines! I know I know, I am way too cheery in the morning. I am actually a bit tired this morning.


The little boy and I spent some quality time together last night at the Islanders game. It was a random Tuesday night for us to be there but when he asked if we could go, I really had no reason to say no.

IMG_0153 (2)

The Coliseum won’t be home for us much longer (for those of you who aren’t in the know, the Islanders will be moving to Brooklyn after next season) and I feel we need to soak up as much time as possible in the old building before we can’t any longer.

I am not ready to discuss the end of my Coliseum days. I grew up in that building and I am just not up to accepting that the end of hockey as I have known it all of my life is approaching.

Good thing I have two super fabulous things to discuss today instead.

IMG_0040 (2)

I never thought the day would come that I would love frozen berries. But these are not just any berries you see.

 We are talking the Very Cherry Berry Blend from Trader Joe’s.

Not only are they darn good in my morning bowl of oatmeal, I have a bit of an obsession at the moment with the giant cherries.

IMG_0069 (3)

Confession: I search through the bag and pick out all of the cherries. And sometimes just eat them frozen.

Listen, I have come a long way – it is better to be seeking out cherries than marshmallows from a cereal box.

The only problem with picking out cherries is that you can be caught red-handed. Literally.

IMG_0134 (2)

Although this really isn’t a problem; I am in charge of my kitchen and can do as I wish with the contents of the freezer.

Ah, the beauty of divorce.

OK, now, on to the biggest news in my life at the moment. Sit down for this.

I walked into Red Mango over the weekend and learned that they are now serving FROZEN GREEK YOGURT.


Lighting not great for this parfait photo but it was gigantic and delicious and contained Original Greek frozen yogurt so it’s all good.

How come no one told me about the emergence of these new flavors? Probably because you didn’t know.

There was so major newscast, no new product launch, no promotion of this new line of frozen healthy goodness.

It just appeared last weekend and it has changed my life.


This would be my second parfait made with Greek Frozen Yogurt. I tried the Original and the Coconut. Both are quite divine.

I am working on getting all of the nutritional info for us and will report it once I have it. From what I understand, it contains more protein and more calcium than their regular yogurt and best of all, it is absolutely delicious.

Similar in taste yet creamier; the added nutritional properties just give me another excuse to have yogurt for lunch.

What have you been having for lunch lately? Please give me some ideas – I have been in a bit of a lunch rut when I haven’t been eating my favorite yogurt!


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  1. says

    I was eyeing the very cherry berry blend at TJs when I was there last weekend. We don’t have TJs in Canada so whenever I’m in the states I stock up…unfortunately I think the security people would have thought I was certifiably nuts if I tried to carry a cooler of TJs food through security 🙁 Eat a little extra for me!

    • Support says

      I would be right behind you to the loony bin then because I think a cooler of TJ food is genius…I once had my jars of peanut butter taken from me at security and I put up quite the fight.