I walked out of my house  yesterday morning with the intention of running on the treadmill but changed my mind immediately once I realized it was not cold, not raining and not windy.

What kind of fool elects to run indoors on a treadmill when they can easily run outside? So what if my usual route has been interrupted. I can carve out a new path of my own.

And I did. A 7 mile new route around my neighborhood. I had to get a bit crafty but hey, I am a lefty. Lefties are creative people you know.

I was so happy to run those 7 miles and that happiness helped keep me sane for the rest of my day which didn’t exactly go as planned.

My main issue yesterday, which I am still dealing with today, is that I got a new iphone.

Should be exciting, yes? Ha.

How would you feel if you plugged your phone in to your computer, lost all of your contacts and then your iTunes account decides it isn’t in the mood to share your apps and iTunes library with you?

IMG_0015 (2)

Good thing I had this squash on hand to attack.

My best friend Lisa, who often says something perfect at the most opportune of moments, told me that my phone has experienced a fueng shui of its contacts and this is a good thing.

Maybe she is right.

Remember when cell phones were simple? Back when they were big and bulky and you actually turned them off when you weren’t using them? When they didn’t have contact lists? When you didn’t even know who was calling you because there was no caller ID?

Heck, remember when we weren’t all so plugged in?

At the Islanders game on Saturday, I looked around and noticed that every single person was glued to their phone.

During the singing of the National Anthem, the girl in front of me was not only snapping photos, she needed to immediately send those photos off to a bunch of friends that I watched her selecting from her contact list.


Do we really need everyone to know every single thing we are doing and seeing at every single moment?

Doesn’t anyone care to live in the moment anymore?

People are so busy reporting every move they make that they aren’t even absorbing what they are experiencing. Where’s the enjoyment?


I know we have discussed this topic before and I realize as a blogger I must remain plugged in at times and do the whole social media thing as best as possible.

But we can set some limits, yes?



1- LIMIT SOCIAL MEDIA –  Over the summer, I decided to stop checking my personal facebook account. I realized I was refreshing that newsfeed way too often and gaining very little by doing so. It took a few days to break the habit and now? I forgot all about it.

The people that I wish to speak to, the things my friends are doing that are of importance to me I find out anyway BY TALKING TO THEM.

How many people are you reading about all day that you haven’t even spoken to, much less seen in the last few years?

Our brains have enough to process and deal with regarding our own little worlds, why add extra information to the mix?

If you are currently on facebook, twitter, instagram, flicker, pinterest and who the heck knows what else is out there, perhaps there is an account you can take a break from. Do you really need all of them in your life, at all times?

2- BE A BIT OLD-SCHOOL – Smart phones have changed our worlds by making us all so available. With instant access to email, not only are we expected to read and respond immediately, we often feel the need to refresh that inbox to see what we are missing.

There used to a be time where you left your job at the office. Get back to that. Take an old-school approach. Set times for yourself where you relax without your inbox.

Give yourself a break.

While I do take my phone with me while I run, I NEVER check email and have stopped looking at incoming text messages. They will still be there when I am finished.

IT IS OK TO NOT HEAR YOUR PHONE THE MINUTE SOMEONE IS TRYING TO REACH YOU. You can respond when you see it or at a more convenient time.

th (5)


3- USE YOUR PHONE’S TECHNOLOGY TO YOUR ADVANTAGE –  These phones aren’t called smart for nothing. In fact, they are pretty smart little cookies. With chips and all. Ha, I made myself giggle.

Did you know you can customize your settings? Did you know you can set your ringer to silent? All texts to silent? OK, but did you know that even though you turn those settings to silent that you can CUSTOMIZE the phone to make noise if certain people are trying to reach you?

Amazing, yes? You can go off the grid but still be available in the event your select important list of people need to reach you.

MY ADVICE: Keep that list as small as possible. And, let them know they have made this list and not to abuse the privilege.

Look around today. I guarantee you will spot someone rather quickly who is engrossed in their phone. Then laugh to yourself when you realize that more than likely, the person you are looking at is busy scrolling through facebook reading about some guy they once knew in high school who just posted on facebook that he had a cheeseburger for lunch.



Have you ever lost your contact list?

How do you “unplug”?

Which social media platforms do you use the most?






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  1. Dee says

    It is so tough to unplug especially when one has a blog and you constantly want to read all the comments that come in.

    • Support says

      Try putting the phone and computer away for a bit – it is quite liberating!