Saturday Long Run – I’ll Take The Physical Challenge

I love running. We know this, yes? I love to just get out there and do my thing, create my pace, challenge myself, relax, think, zone out, listen to music, listen to my thoughts and occasionally train and run a race.

Lately I notice a rise in the number of “specialty races” such as color runs, glow runs, electric runs, tough mudders and obstacle courses.

I have never really felt an itch to participate in any of these races even though many friends have asked me to join along.

However, this morning’s long run made me think that I was stuck in some obstacle course of my very own. Sort of like I failed to answer a trivia question correctly on Double Dare and was forced to take the PHYSICAL CHALLENGE.


So what exactly went wrong for me this morning? Where should I begin.

IMG_5540 (2)

Let’s start with this sign. This sign and yellow tape greeting me at the start of my run. Without any warning from my community office, it seems various sections of the path I run inside of my development are under construction.

IMG_5541 (2)

Some parts of my path were clear and then suddenly, I could go no further and would have to create detours to avoid not only roped off areas but construction vehicles and workmen wheeling wheel barrels straight at me.

Now, creating a new path was not my only issue today.

You see, I stayed out a bit late last night in the city watching the Islanders game over dinner and drinks.

No photos because some moments are simply meant to be enjoyed. That and because my phone battery was dying and my car charger stopped working.

Speaking of my phone, I never plugged it in last night. I didn’t want to wait long for it to charge this morning so I set out for my run with only 50% battery.

Because of this, I forced myself to listen to whatever songs came on my ipod rather than waste battery shuffling from song to song. Not easy for me to do.

Did I mention yet that my favorite athletic socks were all in the wash? Or that my heels are starting to bother me in the new sneakers?

And, for the highlight of my long run physical challenge, since we are such close friends and all, you should know I was also greeted this morning with a surprise visit from my most unwelcome monthly visitor.

So how was my run you wonder?

It really wasn’t bad at all. It was annoying to figure out a different route but, considering I was dehydrated and not operating at 100% percent, I felt pretty good and kept a decent pace. I told myself to just run and let the pace come naturally. I was shocked to actually be running under 9:00/min miles for a majority of my run.


I broke a couple of commandments this morning but hey, I never claimed to be perfect.

Oh wait, before I forget, look what was waiting on my doorstep:

IMG_5544 (2)

The new Double Chocolate Chunk Quest Bars! Yes, they truly are the most delicious Quest bar yet.

I don’t often eat protein bars but these are my exception.

Time for me to put the focus on the birthday boy. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!







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    I wrote a post about the commandments and I swear to you I realized while typing it that I have broke all of them… many, many times 😉 Hope you have a great rest of your weekend!