Three Tip Tuesday- Hungry Girl

I have been spending a few extra dollars lately at Trader Joes. $2.99 more to be exact.


See this vegetable tray? I have developed a new habit where I grab this tray when I walk into the store and snack my way through to check out and  continue the snacking during the car ride home.

I have a thing for jicama. I polish that section off before I even reach the register.

Now, in my opinion, there are much worse things one can snack on.

The little boy, of course, finds my choice of snacks amusing. Of course he does. He thinks just about everything I eat, cook and buy is amusing.

It must be because he is turning 10. No, I am not up to accepting that he is about to turn double digits nor have I figured out the birthday cake yet either.

The big difference in kids today is that they are brought up in a tech savvy world.


If you recall, my child sent me the above quote via text message.

He is correct though, healthy food can and should taste delicious.

The debate of the week is why I don’t take him to Taco Bell.

I have become a broken record trying to explain to him that  the issue is not that we need to avoid tacos, burritos and Mexican food, it is the quality of the ingredients that we want in our meals.

I am more than happy to take him to Chipotle, Moe’s Southwest Grill and other Mexican restaurants yet he still argues with me.

So what did I do the other morning? I get all tech savvy with him and emailed him the latest Hungry Girl Newsletter that I receive each morning in my inbox.

It just so happened that Hungry Girl did a whole review of Taco Bell including nutritional breakdowns and the foods to avoid. I never put an emphasis on calories but I figured that overall, it would make for a good read for him, especially coming from someone other than me.

Do you get Hungry Girl newsletters? My inbox is loaded up each day with various messages but Hungry Girl is actually the one newsletter I look forward to reading when it pops up.

Three Hungry Girl Newsletters worth reading:

Taco Bell Survival Guide  – includes nutritional breakdowns, healthier options and the foods to avoid completely

Magical Veggies     – great read on how to prepare and cook a wide variety of our favorite vegetables including zucchini, portabella mushrooms, butternut squash and cauliflower

Healthy Snacks and Burger King Satisfries  – besides the review on the latest BK craze regarding the lower fat French fries, Hungry Girl reviews the newest Quest Bar which I have been anxiously trying to locate – Double Chocolate Chunk


I finally jumped on the Quest Bar wagon and am loving the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate Peanut Butter. I still prefer to snack on food but these bars are an excellent source of protein (20 grams) and are made without the junk ingredients that all of the other energy/protein bars contain.

I will continue my hunt for the Double Chocolate Chunk bar today. But first I must head out for my run. My legs are feeling especially loose this morning so I am eager to get out there.

Have a great day!



Do you receive a daily email newsletter that you actually look forward to reading?

Do you eat Quest Bars? Which is your favorite?

Do you ever snack while grocery shopping?





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    I don’t usually snack while grocery shopping, but that really is a good idea. If you pick up a healthy snack and munch and shop it can save you from buying everything that looks good just because you’re hungry. I don’t know if I would go with the veggie tray, maybe some fruit, but that is a great idea. Taco Bell used to be my favorite fast food place. My boyfriend still loves it but he knows now that we will not be going there anymore and that we will buy our tacos elsewhere.