A Quick Hello After My Long Run

Hello and happy weekend!

I am back from my long run and ready to relax before enjoying the rest of the weekend.

Running these days has been treating me rather well. I noticed my weekly mileage has stayed consistently above 30 miles for a while now and I have been enjoying the crisp morning air that greets me and of course, my new sneakers.


I love any opportunity to quote Oprah.

So yes, in case you were wondering, I am still out there running almost every day. As for my fall race calendar, it is still a large question mark without any real answer in sight.

In fact, I ran into a friend at the gym the other morning who wanted to know how the 10k I was supposed to run last weekend went for me.

I told him I didn’t run.

He stared at me with a blank look and then questioned if I was injured.

I told him I was just fine and simply didn’t feel like it.

The man he was training with then chimed in and asked me if I lost my desire to run.

Lose my desire? Anything but.

I wish I could have offered them both more of an explanation but I couldn’t because I do not have one.

I am not sure where the race itch went but I don’t even try to figure it out.

As long as I am still eager to get out there each morning, as long I am enjoying each and every run, isn’t that all that matters?

We tend to over-analyze and question every move we make or don’t make in fear of heading down the wrong path.

We need to learn to trust ourselves and our decisions.


Confession: I am really good at letting life happen without over-analyzing and I don’t struggle to make big decisions except when it comes to dessert.


Do you know how long I stare at these Cold Stone Creamery combinations before making up my mind?

I have been thinking about my favorite chocolate dipped waffle bowl so a trip to Cold Stone this weekend is on my to-do list.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and please, treat yourself to something chocolate. Or an onion ring. Or something yummy…


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    Not sure why you got the blank look. Who cares how much you race? Whether you do a formal run with others, run a fave route around the neighborhood, at a park or beach, you are doing something you are passionate about. Keep it up 🙂