Mars vs. Venus

Good Morning and Happy New Year!


This ecard cracked me up. I just love a good ecard, don’t you?

So would you believe that I tried to go out for an early easy run yesterday morning only to spot that pesky male runner on my path ahead of me?

My father always questions how I know he is “ahead” of me, like how do I know when or where he started and maybe he is so slow that I am actually about to lap him.

In any event, he appeared on my horizon, apparently ahead of me. I tried very hard to ignore it. Very hard. But of course, the gap between us slowly became smaller and smaller and I had no choice but to pass him.

Yes, it feels that good every time.

Anyway, we are off to temple a little later today. Please think of me sitting there for a good two hours next to the little boy who spends a majority of the time asking when the service will end as well as letting me know that his shoes are uncomfortable and that he needs to go home and change his clothes.

Boys and girls are quite different, aren’t they? I mean, sure, I love my leggings but still jump at the opportunity to wear a pretty dress or put on my nicer clothes.

IMG_4984 (2)

And, I don’t know about you, but I always loved school supplies- especially sets like this. I couldn’t resist buying this set for the boy.

Although my inner child would have preferred a Hello Kitty version (and Islanders as well), there was always something so fun to me about a new set of folders, pencils, erasers and pencil case.

Man, I loved my pencil case.

The little boy? Well, he could care less. In fact, he thinks I am nuts that I get excited about this stuff.


Instead he gets excited about tossing a ball in the air or at the wall or anything it may bounce off of, including me on occasion.

I should frame this ecard and hang it in the house as a constant reminder for the no ball throwing. Why do boys feel the need to constantly toss a ball in the air or at something? Geez.

I guess the whole Mars vs. Venus thing is very real and starts at a super young age….

In fact, quick story before I go – when he was only 6, he told his best little friend Alexandra to go home. She wondered what she did wrong and his response was, and I quote:

“I am tired and would like some alone time. You did nothing wrong, it is not you – it is me.”

Mars vs. Venus friends, at it’s best, yes?

Have a great Thursday and if you are Jewish, please enjoy your apples and honey for a sweet new year.

If you aren’t Jewish, please have an apple with honey anyway – and some peanut butter.







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  1. EZTWINS says

    New school supplies- LOVED them. Even today, I still enjoy buying a new pack of pens or a new folder. LShana Tova!