Robert McAvoy 5 Mile Race Recap (2013)

When I turned 35 a few months ago, I entered a new age bracket. And, I have concluded that checking the 35-39 box isn’t half bad.


I decided at the last minute to run the Robert McAvoy 5-mile race in Long Beach yesterday morning and actually finished second for my age group.


The weather was icky, sticky and misty. The boardwalk was slippery. No one minded though – it was simply special to have a portion of the boardwalk replaced and ready for this race. This was the first race to be held on the new boardwalk since Hurricane Sandy. Click here to read more about the race and the boardwalk.

Somehow, and I really don’t know how, I ran pretty fast and felt pretty good.

Sure, I can speak positively of the experience now that it is over. During the race my thought process went as follows:

Why the heck do I run races? Can’t I just run leisurely around the neighborhood and leave it at that?

Why do I run so fast? Can’t I just slow down? No, I can’t slow down because then it will just take me that much longer to be finished.

Am I nauseous? I think I am nauseous.

I may never run a race again. In fact, I may just skip the races I already registered for this fall. I must be crazy. Runners are crazy.

And then you see the finish line on the horizon and you suddenly feel proud, cross the line and can’t wait to do it again next time.

Although my legs felt good and I saw the first mile clock in at 6:58 min/mile for the first time in my life, I really didn’t fuel and prepare my usual way for a race and got lucky that I did as well as I did.

The race may have only been 5 miles but running 5 miles in a race is much different from your routine 5 mile run. I probably shouldn’t have run 11 miles on Saturday followed by cross training Sunday morning along with walking the day away in Manhattan.

It is starting to sound like Manhattan has become my Sunday playground, yes?

IMG_4988 (2)

You are correct – that would be the Peanut Butter & Co. Peanut Butter Sandwich Shop. I can finally cross it off my bucket list.

Wait – can I?

I didn’t eat there. Can you believe it? I have been wanting to get there for so long and when I finally did, I simply took  a picture and moved on.

We had passed so many yummy places on the walk to the shop and while I will forever love the peanut butter, the shop isn’t all that appealing (although I am sure still delicious) and we were hungry for something else entirely.

IMG_4996 (2)

Sushi was on the mind. We kept our meal light because we were determined to pick a serious dessert from the crazy selection of choices in the village. We never realized how many cookie shops, cupcake shops, gelato spots, bakeries, coffee cafes and specialty candy stores were located downtown.

IMG_4997 (2)

How cute is this display?

IMG_4999 (2)

I felt like a total kid in a candy store watching the baker at Magnolia Bakery decorated the cupcakes. But I didn’t have one.

IMG_5002 (2)

With so many bake shops and dessert spots to choose from, I still landed at Max Brenner in Union Square.

IMG_5006 (2)

We did something that I can only describe as dessert genius:

IMG_5008 (2)

Order a 3-pot fondue plus a giant smores sundae and dip your spoon into the ice cream concoction and then the warm chocolate.

IMG_5007 (2)

And then dip the cookies, brownies and marshmallows into the ice cream followed by a dunk in some chocolate.

IMG_5009 (2)

I make dessert fun, don’t I? If I wasn’t me, I would want to dine with me.

IMG_5010 (2)

And dipping a Max Brenner chocolate chip cookie into chocolate? There are no words….

Oh wait – today is Tuesday! Three Tip Tuesday! Man, I am so thrown off – between the long weekend, school still NOT STARTING UNTIL MONDAY, and Rosh Hashanah beginning at sundown tomorrow night, I am completely out of routine.



COME TO ME – Goo Goo Dolls

DISTANCE – Christina Perri

I recently added these songs to keep my music fresh and it is working like a charm. They are a good mix of fast and slow and I like the words. Music isn’t always about the beat….

My legs are a bit sore today, more my right than my left so I think I will take it easy on the exercise front and instead focus on getting life back into normal routine, whatever the heck that is these days.

I hope you all had a great long weekend!



 Are you struggling to get back into a routine?

Anyone run a race? How did it go?

Do you ever tell yourself you will never run again while you are running a race?

Have you ever been to Max Brenner?

Best chocolate chip cookie in the world according to you? I used to say the Main Street Bakery in Disney World but I changed that last year after eating at Max Brenner – SERIOUSLY.THE.BEST.COOKIE.EVER.








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  1. says

    I’m loving “Wake me up” as well. No races for me this weekend althought I did get a couple miles in on Saturday. We have a Max Brenner’s in Philly but I haven’t had the chance to try it out just yet. Looks good though 🙂

  2. says

    I LOVE the Wake me up song. Definitely a need in your ipod song. Congrats on the race!
    I’m food jealous of your fondue but I finally got my ice cream last night! I have my first 10 this Saturday!

  3. says

    Girl congrats on your placement in that race!
    I have races where thoughts like that go through my mind and I just wonder when it’s going to end the whole time! But, for the most part, I’m in heaven!
    I love that song by Avicii! 🙂 And yes to that chocolate place! Looks amazing.