The Best of Summer

My friends who follow my blog often tell me that when they read my posts, they can actually hear me talking.

However, my key phrases which I am known to say everyday are missing from all posts:

“Uh huh”

“This is not OK”

“I don’t even understand”

I realized this morning that all three of my signature phrases clearly define my mood at the moment…regarding summer coming to a close.

We say it every year, with every passing season, that the time went too quickly.

I recall Memorial Day weekend so clearly in my mind that it is hard to believe a few months have passed.

With an odd chilly start to the summer season, I was still extremely fortunate to have sunshine for the majority of my runs and plenty of great weather for pool time and the beach.

With so many great memories and experiences over the past few months, I considered giving links to my favorite posts.

I realized though that just one link would suffice:

The Walk to Fire Island.


Our  walk to Fire Island and the time that was spent there truly defines summer happiness in my mind.

An out of the box adventure combined with good food and good company = priceless.


Those onion rings that night were really that good that I think about them often and will continue to think about them until I return to Fire Island next summer.

While summer technically doesn’t end for a few more weeks, the fact that Rosh Hashanah is in a few days surely screams fall to me.

Which is just fine with me – I love fall and all of the things the season has to offer.

It is hard not to get excited for some crisp weather, chocolate covered caramel apples, fall races and of course, hockey season.

Speaking of races, I saw something about a 5 mile race on Labor Day that will take place on the newly rebuilt section of the Long Beach Boardwalk.

The weather forecast for this weekend is a bit iffy but it sounds like it may hold out on Monday just in time for me to squeeze in this race.

Something to consider, yes? I might as well. The next race on my fall calendar is a 10k in a few weeks. Wow, I can’t believe a fall race I have planned is only a few weeks away.

I am off now to go run a few easy miles. I considered cross-training in the gym today instead but decided I need to soak up what is left of my summer run mornings.

Have a great holiday weekend!





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  1. says

    I can’t believe the summer is almost over either. I’m usually all about just getting to fall and the crisp air, but for some unknown reason, I just don’t want to rush the seasons this year. Good luck on the 5miler if you enter 🙂