A Bad Run Plus a Spontaneous Day in Manhattan

I did not have a good run yesterday morning. At all.

Three Ways To Set Yourself Up For Disaster:

1 – WARM UP – I know we are supposed to warm up before running but I have found that for me, if I start out walking even more than 10 steps from my front door, I don’t run as well.

I chose to walk the first mile so that I could chat away on the phone.  To then hang up and expect to run 4 good miles? Delusional.

2– DEHYDRATION– I realized while struggling to run that I was severely thirsty and had to stop for a drink after two miles because it was really affecting me to the point where I couldn’t continue. I clearly did not consume enough water over the last few days.

In fact, my coffee to water ratio lately has been less than ideal to even discuss.

3- FATIGUE- After running 12 miles Saturday, cross-training on the elliptical Sunday followed by walking most of Manhattan, my legs may have been tired.

IMG_4925 (2)

I took the picture above of the little boy towards the end of our day in the city – he was so tired from walking that he found a ledge to lean on to rest and eat his ices.

I of course was not the slightest bit winded. I questioned his 9-year-old legs several times wondering how it is children are supposed to have more energy than adults yet it was him that needed to rest.

I can walk and walk and walk without getting tired. Until the next day I guess when I try to run.

Anyway, regarding our spontaneous city excursion:

Don’t I always say that I sometimes feel as though I take New York City for granted?  I am going to venture to guess that most New Yorkers do the same.

Born in Manhattan, yet raised on Long Island, I did spend a majority of my childhood in the city. With my grandparents and relatives living in the city, most of my weekends and school vacations were spent in the Big Apple. I didn’t know any different nor did I realize how big of a deal it was to be there or that people planned trips to see the big lights or simply dreamed of seeing the city that never sleeps.

I can recall (Lauren, I know you are reading this and can recall too) taking many field trips with elementary school to various city museums. I even remember one trip in particular where the bus driver was lost and I had to tell him how to get to a specific trip location because I knew the streets so well.

In my old age of 35, I am trying to realize how special Manhattan is and how fortunate we are to live only a few expressway exits a way.

I decided on Sunday that the little boy and I should skip the beach and head to the city. I love being spontaneous and he was totally game.

Now, please understand, I am not a fan of museums or what normal people consider the sight-seeing of landmarks.

I leave that stuff to the grandparents and the schools.

Instead, I have made sure that he understands how special my version of landmarks are – flagship department stores like Saks, Bloomingdales and Macy’s, toys stores such as FAO Schwartz and Toys R Us and the importance of New York City food.


He wanted to walk to Times Square so I agreed knowing I could take him to Macy’s in Herald Square on the way.

Confession: I always agree to taking him into the tourist capital of the world because there is a Maoz  and I love any excuse to load up a salad bowl of heaven.

IMG_4913 (2)

Lucky for me, he LOVES their falafel so he is always ready to eat there.

IMG_4909 (2)

I laugh that there is a sign telling you to fill your bowl only once. It takes all of my will power not to go back for the roasted broccoli/cauliflower concoction. It is absolutely ridiculously delicious.

We followed up lunch with a stop at Toy’s R Us.


See what I mean about this boy and balls? He really thought for a minute that I may buy that giant safety hazard. Not to mention it wouldn’t fit in my laundry bin where all the balls in this house end up when I take them away.

IMG_4902 (2)

Instead I opted to buy us tickets to ride the big indoor ferris wheel.


I have to say, this was a lot of fun. And, I must admit I was really excited that we got to ride in the Cabbage Patch Kids car.



I even bought the picture they took of us. I never shell out the money for things like this but it was a cute photo and I always loved my Cabbage Patch dolls.

IMG_4896 (2)

I love that Toys R Us has an ice cream parlor. As well as a candy land – but I didn’t get us anything this time because we had just eaten lunch and he was pretty full.

We leisurely walked our way around after Toys R Us into a bunch of stores and landed at the NHL store. I agreed to buy some back to school clothes there – totally mother of the year, I know.

IMG_4920 (2)

The weather was gorgeous and we really had a nice time.

I certainly spent more money than I would have had we only gone to the beach but sometimes one needs to spend a few dollars to create a memory you will have for a lifetime.


I am going out on a limb here to guess that Abigail Van Buren wasn’t aware of what it would cost to spend a few hours in Manhattan in 2013.


Have you ever been to Manhattan?

Do you live near a big city or famous destination that you probably take for granted?

Do you need to warm up before you run or does it backfire on you when you do?

How many Cabbage Patch Kids did you have as a kid? OMG I easily had 15. No Joke. And the pony. And the Koosa – remember the Koosa?




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  1. says

    I love that quote about children. And I would not have guessed you were 35. Not that that’s old but you look 25! I found that warming up really helps me have a good run. I found out by accident when I ran a mile and had to stop and go to the bathroom. My legs were warm and ready to go.

    • WordPress.com Support says

      I swear people look at me when I keep piling it up but how can you not? It is so beyond delicious!

  2. says

    I had a cabbage patch doll who ate carrots and celery with a mechanical mouth and she got recalled because kids’ hair would get too close to her mouth and she would chew that up too haha. I was more of a Barbie girl. One of the coolest Christmas mornings I remember was when I got the Barbie cruise ship. And I guess Philly counts as a big city…so yeah I take it for granted too.

  3. EZTWINS says

    I’m laughing bc I totally remember like it was yesterday you giving the bus driver directions!