Three Tip Tuesday- Customer Service

I had a totally different post written for today but since I am in a ranting mood, please bear with me….

Instead of three tips on this Tuesday, you get to hear about the poor customer service I have received from three separate companies in the last month.

In case you were curious, I graduated from college back in good old May 2000. As a marketing major, I learned the value of building consumer relationships and the importance of quality customer service.

Lately folks, several companies have let me down.



1. Lifetime Fitness – Remember when I was super excited about having my gait analyzed by the running specialist? Remember they had me fill out all of my information so they could schedule the appointment?

Yeah well, guess what – they never called me. Nor did they call me to schedule my free personal training session that they had me fill out the paperwork for either.

It is bad enough that Lifetime charges a small fortune a month to be a member at their club. But to pay a small fortune and they don’t even follow through on the services they provide? Just terrible.


2. Dukan Diet – I am not an advocate of fad diets. Nor am I a fan of any diet plan at all – I believe in everything in moderation with a focus on whole foods and an active lifestyle.

That being said, when I was contacted by the Dukan Diet to review their version of a diet plan on my blog, I at first declined. I told them I do not believe in fad diets or diets that severely restrict food groups and would not promote such a plan to my readers.

But, my good friend wanted to try out their plan in an attempt to jump-start her weight loss so I agreed to do the review on her behalf while still sharing my point of view on fad diets in general.

Well guess what? My friend filled out all of the requested information, began following the beginning stages of the diet and we NEVER HEARD FROM THEM AGAIN.

IMG_4291 (2)

So she ate plates upon plates of eggs and chicken without any of the formal guidance and plan information that she was supposed to receive. She even munched on roast beef as a snack at the beach.

IMG_4288 (2)

I mean really? They contacted me to do the review. My friend spent her time filling out all of the plan paperwork in order to activate her account and gain access to her personal Dukan coach.

No further response. We even notified them when we didn’t receive word back….NADA.

3- Verizon – We all know I have been without a clock on my new cable boxes. But my complaints about switching to Verizon from Cablevision go beyond my latest time warp.

My neighborhood recently received the wiring for VERIZON FIOS and they have been pushing the switch to their service relentlessly by showing up at my door and basically annoying me until I made the switch.

They promised me all sorts of added channels for less money, higher quality television picture (as if I notice), faster internet, better phone connection, sprinkles, sunshine and unicorns.

So. I finally cave in and make the switch.

Besides being without clocks, a majority of the television channels promised to me are missing. And, no matter how often I call and complain, they never load them for me.

I am talking two weeks worth of complaining.

It gets better:

The minute my phone service switches over to Verizon, it became clear that my home phone number was made available on telemarketing lists.

I begin receiving around the clock calls trying to sell me everything under the sun.


As of this coming Thursday, I will be switching back to Cablevision and cannot wait for my cable box clocks to arrive.

Congratulations Lifetime, Dukan and Verizon, you successfully made it to my version of the old television show, Shame on You.


I can’t be the only one with these stories. Please feel free and rant about who has let you down lately – I would love to hear all about it!



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  1. Anonymous in seclusion says

    Great post! Poor customer service really rubs me the wrong way. Your Verizon example really hit home. I see these guys especially in the malls promising the world to customers and woefully undelivering. They are snake oil salesmen as far as I’m concerned. Taking away kiosks from more deserving people who actually provide a real service.

    I hope the people of Verizon, as well as the other knuckleheads from Lifetime and Dukan read this and be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves.

  2. says

    Man oh man, I really dislike telemarketer calls! I know it’s their job and I am always nice to them but sometimes you just don’t have the time or patience. If I don’t know the number, I don’t answer. I have worked in customer service my entire life and I know how mean customers can be but I also know how MY attitude in every situation is key. Even if I have to fake it and cry when they leave. (I’ve done that many times.)

    • Support says

      I try not to answer but if I don’t, the same number calls over and over so now I answer to scream take me off the list! lol.

  3. says

    OMG – so frustrating!!! Poor customer service is really high on my list of pet peeves. It just doesn’t make sense to me because that is literally these people JOBS – shouldn’t they be experts at it?!?!

  4. says

    Recently I’ve noticed how aggressive sales people are in stores. My friend needed to buy a queen-sized mattress, and the salesperson led us to the 2 styles that came in queen. She tried both, and he immediately said, “So is that the one you want?”. She said she was thinking. Then she stood up, and he said, “So are you done? Do you want me to go get the paperwork?”. She said, “No, I think we’re going to look around. I need some furniture too and–“. “Furniture?! What kind of furniture?” he asked, as if this were the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard. Well, we managed to escape him and headed out of the store. Several other employees were sitting by the exit, and one said, “Hey, where you going? I thought you were getting a mattress?”.
    My friend said, “Well, we’re going to look around because I don’t know what all I need yet–”
    “I thought you knew what you need–you need a mattress and it’s right back there!”.

    No one said any of this in a very joking tone. They all acted as if she were obligated to buy a mattress from them, and not to even take any time to consider which mattress she wanted.