Make It All Better With Cookies

Well hello….I wish I had a fun weekend recap for you but I really didn’t do much other than try to feel better and back to myself.

You know what the secret is to officially putting yourself on the mend?


Yep. A nice bakery cookie.

All day on Saturday I felt that I needed a big cookie – you know, the bakery buttery-based kind. Nothing laden with fudge or too rich in flavor – just a nice sized cookie to settle my stomach.

While I didn’t have a stomach virus, I was not able  to eat too normal for me, even though I had my appetite back.

After a small dinner Saturday evening, my stomach was completely unsettled and I didn’t feel all that well. In fact, that dinner involved a baked sweet potato and unfortunately, I don’t think I can look at sweet potatoes again for a while. Don’t you hate when getting sick leads to food aversion?

I knew a nice cookie would help. Cookies can help just about anything.

When I arrived at the bakery, I had a hard time deciding which cookie to get.

IMG_4773 (2)

I first settled on a large chocolate chip.

IMG_4776 (2)

Once I took a bite though, I knew it wasn’t right. And as I say, if I am going to eat it, it is going to be right.

So, I marched myself back in and picked the simple, buttery big cookie with chocolate chips on top. Perfecto.

IMG_4778 (2)

Please note the pieces of cookie missing are due to me digging in prior to taking a quick picture.

Sure, the bakery employees looked at me funny when I came back in to buy a different cookie but  I really didn’t care. I feel bad for them if they would eat a cookie they didn’t like just because they bought it.

And friends, this second cookie totally did the trick. My stomach felt settled, satisfied and happy.

I thought to myself how funny it is that we work so hard to eat a healthy, clean diet and avoid the processed foods as much as possible. When sometimes, well, our stomachs are under the weather and the last thing our body needs is a piece of fruit or cookie made from bananas, chia seeds or protein powders.

There are certainly times in our lives that we do need those man-made foods – with flour  and yes, even butter and sugar.

I think I am feeling almost all better and ready to get back on track this week and into my normal routine.

School starts in a few weeks for the little boy so I am also trying to regroup and get organized in terms of clipping my coupons a bit more again and thinking ahead to different ideas for back to school lunches.

IMG_4780 (2)

The coupons are still weak in the newspaper and I haven’t been printing any these days but I will add it to my list of things to do.

I know you are wondering if I feel well enough to run yet. I actually went walking yesterday morning with a friend and ended up jogging about a mile and a half.

The problem with running is, if you try to walk the route you normally run, you feel so in slow motion that you have no choice but to speed the heck up. Which turns into running by accident.

I may go for a walk again this morning and decide once I am out there if I am up to running my usual loop.

Before I go, I must share one of my favorite cookie ecards:


Wishing you a happy Monday and a great week ahead…



Do you end up avoiding certain foods after you have been sick?

Favorite bakery cookie?

Do you have trouble walking the same route you would normally run?


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    The black and white cookie is so classic but I’ve never tried one! That’s what stuck out to me in the picture. My favorite bakery cookie is a turtle cookie. IT’s a chocolate cookie with nuts and drizzled with caramel and fudge!