Junk Miles and Bowls of Oatmeal

You know how we talked about procrastinating and being lazy yesterday? Well, I think it may actually be time I got a little bit lazy on the running front.

I must admit that even though the sun was shining and the air was crisp, something in me just didn’t feel like running yesterday. Or doing any other form of aerobic exercise for that matter.

Now, this is not a feeling I am all that familiar with therefore I didn’t really know what to do with it.

Instead of staying home in bed, I chose to run a few easy miles just to keep with my routine, enjoy the air and get my day started.

I ended up calling it a run after one mile. My pace felt so slow for me that I was shocked when it chimed in at 9:37/mile – I swear it felt more like 11 or 12 minutes.

Either way, I just wasn’t feeling it. Mentally I wasn’t interested, I think I might have felt tired, my legs were not in the mood, were slightly heavy and just not happy.

I decided that to push a few more miles would only create a junk mile run  – which just wasn’t worth it.

There are days when we aren’t in the mood but once we begin we feel great. And then there are those days where you just know you were meant to call it a rest day.

I cannot tell you when it is time for you to call it a day, when you should qualify your miles as junk or when you should push and continue.

Only you know that for yourself. I know that I have been pushing it this summer and my body is telling me that it is time to factor in some lazy days.

My appetite will probably appreciate the laziness. Lately I feel as though I have been overtaken by a seriously mean and nasty hungry monster.

Not only am I constantly ravenous, my appetite is getting picky, repetitive and specific.

As in several days in a row of oatmeal for breakfast AND lunch, combined with greek yogurt, fruit and peanut butter.

IMG_4591 (2)

Nothing more exciting than opening a fresh jar of Crunch Time peanut butter.

I am a strong believer in eating what the body craves so if my stomach wants bowls of oatmeal, containers of greek yogurt, fruit and peanut butter for every meal, than that’s what is served.

IMG_4606 (2)

Over and over…

IMG_4599 (2)

And sometimes, just to make it interesting, with pumpkin mixed in using a green 16 Handles yogurt spoon.


In fact, yesterday I even packed up my oatmeal yogurt parfait to take with me on the road.


While you can’t see through the cup, please know that I got all creative and layered my usual mix of berries, peaches, yogurt, peanut butter and steel-cut oats in this fun cup that comes with a lid.

I would have used my fave empty peanut butter jars but I have a few more days before I have another free one.

IMG_4647 (2)

Don’t you just love eating something you are totally in the mood for?

IMG_4649 (2)

Speaking of oatmeal, have you seen the new quinoa steel-cut oats in the frozen section of Trader Joe’s?

IMG_4602 (2)

I saw it but didn’t buy it.

For starters, I make steel-cut oats myself since I am an expert in the oats department.

IMG_4592 (2)

Declaring yourself an expert= strong sense of self-esteem.

IMG_4595 (2)

There is rarely a day you can’t open my refrigerator and find bowls of steel-cut oats ready to be eaten.

Now, when I compared the usual package of frozen steel-cut oats from Trader Joe’s with the new quinoa kind, I found that the new one has more calories, same protein, and less fiber.

So what is the point? Maybe it tastes better? Has anyone tried it yet?

Anyone else ever feel like eating the same thing over and over?



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  1. says

    So I actually have issues with this… I eat the SAME thing every single day, at least M-F. I literally don’t change a thing – and then I get burnt out and mad and refuse to eat (as if what I consume is the only thing in the world). I have to work on switching it up so I don’t get as bored…
    As for the run, I feel ya. I have had that happen twice this year – don’t really want to go and then my run ends up being 1-2 miles of pure blah and stupidity. Ha, it happens, and though they aren’t ‘bad’ runs, it’s still annoying. In any case, I agree, sometimes your body will just tell you no. 🙂 Go with it!