Three Tip Tuesday- I am back!

I am such a creature of habit that not being able to say hello to you all yesterday totally threw off my morning.

Admit it, your morning was thrown off too and you may even think you missed me a bit.

The site is still undergoing changes so please bear with me if you have any trouble accessing the posts over the next week or so.

Anyway, so let’s see, what do I have to report….


The beach on Sunday was quite the good time.

The weather has been beyond amazing, especially in the early morning when I go out for a run.


Nice, crisp and cool, making for perfect running weather. I love summer but can’t help but smile in the morning thinking of the approaching fall season.

Yesterday morning I ran what turned into a 4.30 mile recovery run.  I never quite know how I will feel until I start running. My pace seemed to fall around 9:17 min/mile for each mile signifying recovery mode. While I wasn’t struggling to keep that pace, my legs really weren’t interested in being pushed any faster either.

I guess it’s only fair to think that Saturday’s amazing race pace of a long run required some recovering. We shall see how I do today as I intend to run a few before getting my day going.

IMG_4628 (2)

Oh yes, and my Sunshine Cookies happened too since we last chatted. I had a few overripe bananas ready to be baked into something yummy.

IMG_4630 (2)

If you have yet to make my Sunshine Cookies, I am not going to get angry. I will just consider you foolish.

How I found the time to bake is actually beyond me.

Between the blog transfer, redesign process and a few other projects going on in my world, all combined with raising the little boy and living my life, I have a lot on my plate these days.

Can get a bit overwhelming, yes?

I know I am not the only one who juggles life each day. So how do you deal with squeezing it all in without losing your mind?

Three Tips To Successfully Juggle Day to Day Life:


th (6)

I am a morning person. My optimal brain functioning time is early am through about noon. Anything after that, well, it becomes a bonus if I can actually tackle major thinking tasks effectively.

And running? The earlier the better. I swear, even by 9:00 am, my prime time workout window has long passed.

If you are a night owl, recognize that and utilize your time wisely. I was never a night person therefore sitting me down at 9:00 pm to first do homework, study for a test, clean the house or write a blog post would just never work. Therefore, I don’t even try to do things like that in the evening.

If you struggle to get things done, take a look at what time you are trying to tackle your to-do list – you may notice you have been trying at your most ineffective hour.


Funny how I always seem to fit exercise into a variety of Three Tip Tuesdays. But it truly fits!


Exercise not only burns calories and tones muscles. Nope. It is an outlet for you to clear your mind, organize your thoughts, regroup and recharge.  I find I get my best thinking done while running.

If I have an especially amazing thought, I type it down (haha TYPE instead of WRITE) in the notepad of my phone while I am running.

Even if you don’t have some epiphany while exercising, you will energize yourself and clear your head enough to be able to better function and deal with what life throws at you.



We can all be lazy at times, myself included. But, if you have the time to do something and it needs to get done, just do it!

You will feel so much better once you tackle that task. You will have that sense of accomplishment and feel the weight off of your shoulders.

I am not by nature someone who procrastinates all that often because once I know something needs to get done, I just want it done and off my mind.

Except for maybe folding the laundry, I hate folding and I hate putting it all away even more. 

I try explaining the concept of procrastination to my son who forever tells me he will shower in 5 minutes, get dressed in 5 minutes, finish his homework in 5 minutes and clean up in 5 minutes.

In the amount of time you waste saying “I will do it in 5 minutes” you could have been done already.

Now, stop reading this post and go tackle your to-do list!

Have a great day!



What do you do with your overripe bananas?

Are you are morning person or night owl?

Least favorite household chore? I hate emptying the dishwasher equally as much as putting away the laundry

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    • The Cookie ChRUNicles says

      Ugh, it will be an adjustment getting into the swing of things. Hope you are feeling better and back to running though!

  1. EZTWINS says

    Thanks Mer! Love the tips and I did miss you yesterday.
    To answer your questions- overripe bananas goes right into banana bread which my kids love. I am definitely more of a night owl. Used to be morning, but that changed over the years. I actually have energy both times of day but I get a lot done at night! I DO NOT like putting laundry away either!