You Just Got Chicked and a Bestowed Box Discount

I must inform you about my run yesterday morning.

Mile 1 pace – 9:30 min/mile

I knew my legs were tired before I even began and my pace confirmed the fatigue.

I knew I was going to be pushing to even complete my minimum run requirement of 4 miles but I agreed with my lower half to just run comfortable and enjoy the summer morning air.

Have I mentioned I normally have the path to myself?


Yeah, aside from the occasional dog walkers, I am the only one running.

Until lately that is. You see, there is a man who seems to be running at the same time as me.

And I have this little issue where I cannot let him be ahead of me. I ALWAYS feel the need to outrun him.

Chick him” if you will, even when I am not wearing my chick t-shirt.

So of course yesterday morning, when I am running on steel beam legs, this man appears in my sight.

Ahead of me.

I gathered every ounce of glycogen I could find in my reserves and increased my speed like nobodies business to pass this fellow.

Of course I passed him. With flying colors.

NOW PAY CLOSE ATTENTION: Just because you successfully chick someone doesn’t mean you can slow down.


You need to make it believable that you were really running that pace, not just to pass him AND you need to ensure that he is so far behind you that he can no longer catch up.

What I need to work on is how I look behind me to assess his precise location. I try not to make it obvious therefore I don’t turn around too fast.

I look for shadows, I lower the volume on my music to hear footsteps….and when I feel as though a good amount of seconds have passed, I then casually look over my shoulder.

This is a heck of a lot of work, yes. I know.

But it is crucial.

I wouldn’t classify myself as a feminist but no man is going to outrun me on my path.

So how did my run go for me overall yesterday? Not great. In fact, I stopped short of even completing my personal run requirement of 4 miles.

I actually called it quits around 3.70 miles. I know right? How could I not finish it up to round it off nicely at the 4.00?

It just wasn’t worth it to continue.

My legs were that tired and I strongly believe in the 10% rule of leaving yourself with a little more to give.

Speaking of giving, look at what I have for you today!


The people over at Bestowed Box are offering you an awesome discount that runs between now and August 7th!


Click on either of the above images or links in this post to Bestowed Box and use the code: HELLOYUM when ordering and you will get your first Bestowed Box for only $10 (regular price is $19).

What a way to start the weekend!


What are your plans for this weekend?

Do you ever feel the need to “chick” people while you are running?

Have you ever received a Bestowed Box? If so, what was your favorite goodie?

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  1. says

    I virtually never see anyone out running when I’m running, but I do the same sort of things with cars: if I am tired and ready to slow down to a walk for a few seconds, but a car is coming down the road towards me, I make myself keep running until it passes me–and then, I have to keep running for awhile afterwards, because I don’t want to stop immediately. What if they people in the car glance in the rearview mirror and see me stop right away? They will think that I was only running to show off while they could see me.

    I know, it’s crazy, but that’s what goes through my mind. At least it pushes me to run farther than I would have!

    Also, I am loving all these companies like Bestowed! Unfortunately I am moving around too much for the next ~10 months, so I don’t have a consistent address to mail it to!

  2. says

    hahaha- I was totally cracking up with your detailed description of passing that guy! It was spot on – especially the “making it believable that you were actually running that pace”. I just consider it a little bonus speed work 🙂
    That’s a great deal on the bestowed box…I have been dying to try them, so this might be the perfect chance!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. says

    This story is amazing! I turn around allllll the time when I run because my route is so crowded and there are bicyclist and I’m sacred they’ll run me over!
    I’m glad you didn’t let the man beat you… Women power all the way!
    Sorry about your legs…. They’ll be up for more soon enough though and you’ll return to your fabulous running self. Have a great weekend!

  4. says

    omg, u totally channel the ‘chicking’ spirit all the time! and ur rule is right on, u can’t waver after a chicking, u gotta keep the pressure on high enough to keep that guy in his place. 😉 while i’m glad u have a little extra incentive to run hard and keep ahead of that guy, make sure that at least u give ur legs some runs where u recover and run at an easy pace. if those ‘dead legs’ last too long u might be in need of some extra recovery runs…maybe find a new path to avoid that dude. 😉

  5. says

    Several times when running a 1/2 marathon I’ve passed someone who simply was in my way, but at a time when I’m not doing so great myself; so I think ‘oh boy, now I definitely have to keep this pace up’ and the mind games start lol. Love the post!