The Lifetime Experience

So guess what? I actually went to Lifetime yesterday like I said I would.


I started on this elliptical-arc trainer type thing – the one that lets you go in multiple directions and positions.

I love the variety that it offers, especially being able to do the motions in the squat position but I only lasted 10 minutes before deciding I was bored.


I somehow timed my boredness perfectly to catch the 9:45 am spin class. It wasn’t my favorite Tuesday class but I figured I might as well try another instructor since I was already there.


No, I never invested in spin shoes. Which is just fine with me since I barely make it to spin these days anyway.

This class was fine, the music was good, I would take it again but it just wasn’t the same experience as Tuesday’s class with Ernie.

I noticed something interesting though – I barely worked up a sweat. At all.

Now, I do not perspire easily but usually, in spin on Tuesdays, I am pretty soaked.

I have a couple of theories on the lack of sweat production:

  • Class was not all that intense
  • I did not work up to my ability AKA I did not leave my comfort zone
  • I am so used to running in the heat and humidity that working out in the freezing cold gym keeps one from breaking a real sweat

Any thoughts on this is greatly appreciated.

Anyway, I made sure to incorporate some strength training in as well before I hit the showers just to get the full Lifetime experience out of my system.

Speaking of full Lifetime experience, I really do like their locker room and shower facilities and will miss them until I return.


I may or may not have taken home some razors as a parting gift.


Same applies for the tampons.

Listen, it wasn’t as if there was a sign that said, “PLEASE TAKE ONE” and I disobeyed or anything.

You know, like the signs that are left with the bucket of Halloween candy outside of the homes of people who don’t want to be bothered.

Come now, don’t try to tell me you don’t take some (OK, all) of the toiletries from the hotels when you are a guest?

They are there for us for the taking and using.

Kinda like chocolate bars on your pillow in Hershey Park.

IMG_4456 (2)

This isn’t a Hershey Bar but if you stay at my house, you may find a Trader Joe’s chocolate bar on your pillow.

Just don’t eat it in bed.



Do you sweat easily?

Do you obey the Halloween sign and only take one piece of candy?

Do you take home the toiletries from hotel rooms?

Does your gym provide any good bathroom essentials?

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  1. says

    I become a complete klepto when there are unattended baskets of free stuff in front of me. It’s actually kind of ridiculous, but I literally just start grabbing and stuffing things in my bag…haha- you do not want to see me at a race expo around free samples!

  2. says

    Haha we both did indeed talk about sweat! How awesome! 🙂 I don’t enjoy when I don’t sweat – I don’t feel as accomplished… But yay for your cycle class! I can relate – I took cycle on Monday and didn’t really feel the burn and I took it again this morning and left drenched… The instructor is all the difference in the world… At least you’ll always have running! And I think I agree with you – sweating in this heat has changed my sweat glands, I swear (maybe not, but it’s what I’m choosing to believe!). I will come stay at your house any time if there’s a chocolate bar waiting for me!

  3. says

    I sweat pretty easily… especially in Richmond in the summertime, haha. But I hate when I leave the gym and I don’t feel like I REALLY worked out. Such a bummer! At least you got some razors 😉 Haha