Three Tip Tuesday – To Run or Not To Run

So yesterday’s run did not go as I planned. I mean, I never plan for a bad run, I don’t know anyone who does.

Right away I felt a little bit off. The tops of my feet were aching in a weird way, my left hamstring might have been saying something and I stopped to tie my laces a few times.

Sometimes I think that wearing my compression socks one day and regular socks the next affects the proper lacing position – the compression socks are thinner so I tie tighter and then my regular socks are thicker so I need to readjust – can you follow what I am saying?

I set out for 5 miles. While I completed all 5, I didn’t feel too fabulous at any point of the something around 45 minute run.

Sometimes bad runs/work outs happen. They are par for the course.


Wait – the only stupid question is the one not asked – isn’t that what they taught us in school?

Sure, I want to run every day but sometimes we need to listen to our bodies.

I ask myself the following three questions to determine if I should keep running:

1 -What exactly is bothering me? I do a mental evaluation of what is bothering me – Is it my feet? Legs? Can I make an adjustment to my shoes? Do I need a drink? A bathroom stop?

2- Am I out of breath? I am very rarely out of breath. If I am not feeling my normal self and my breathing is heavy, I know something is up and I either need to slow it down or stop.

3- Can I continue comfortably if I slow down? I am not one to stop and walk. I often find that slowing down my pace into a jog is enough to get back into a comfort zone.

Slowing down your pace may not have you achieving negative splits or finishing in record time, but it does allow you to continue with your run, regroup mentally and physically as well as build endurance.

Even if you don’t run, we all have days where our workouts don’t feel so great. But that doesn’t always mean you need to throw in the towel.

Please remember though – we are all different. What works for me may or may not work for you.

I am extremely in tune with my body – I know when I can push myself and when to call it quits for the day.

If you truly do not feel well or something hurts to the point where you are running in true pain – STOP!

Now, lately for me, the biggest negative side effect of pushing my speed and weekly mileage has been my massive and mean appetite.


I was ready for lunch yesterday at 10:30 am. I held off until 11:30 am.

IMG_4489 (2)

Don’t cry over a broken egg. Well, unless it is a hormone and antibiotic free egg from a chicken raised on a vegetarian diet making it cost more than your average egg. Then you can cry.


I needed something big. And filling. To satisfy my insane hunger  I went with a large asparagus, onion and tomato omelette on top of a salad that contained roasted cauliflower, brussel sprouts and butternut squash topped with avocado.


It was so good that it deserves multiple shots from every angle.


I have a feeling these large omelette salad plates are going to be making a regular appearance on my menu.

Time for me to get my day moving. My legs are feeling especially well rested this morning therefore I am hopeful for a fun run.

Have a great day!



How do you handle bad runs?

What time do you normally eat lunch? Do you give in and eat earlier if you are suffering from a hungry day?

Favorite omelette ingredients?

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  1. says

    Every run cannot be perfect, but it is oh so annoying when one doesn’t go your way. I have something funky going on with my hip since Sunday’s long run and I am really torn on whether or not to even try running today…having a mental battle at the moment. haha
    Ps- I could eat massive veggie packed omelettes every day of my life.

  2. says

    I’m gonna be honest, although I am all about GMO and hormone free products, I still buy plain ol’ eggs. Do you notice a difference in taste? They’re just so much more expensive than regular eggs I haven’t been able to bring myself to do it yet.

    • says

      I often get the hormone free eggs on sale, just about every week Land o Lakes, Egglands Best as well as supermarket brand versions are pretty well priced. I do sometimes notice a difference in the texture, color and fluffiness of the omelettes. I am such a strong believer in the negative effects of the added hormones that I make sure to only give my son organic and/or hormone free/antibiotic free eggs. Check and see if you can get them on sale and test it out to see if you notice a difference in how you feel and how they taste.

  3. says

    I love this… Bad runs are absolutely going to happen with the amount of running a lot of us running bloggers do… It’s inevitable. But the best part about it is getting through it entirely and moving on to the next thing.
    You’re an awesome runner and I love your mad skills and talent, so one bad run won’t kill it! 🙂 LOL!
    Yay for holding off til 11:30.. I’m always really hungry when I workout in the AM’s and especially the day after a long run. I feel ya with the sock thing, like CRAY! <3 Yum to that salad/omelet concoction. Yes.