Fall-Like Friday


Don’t let this sky fool you.


Yesterday morning I awoke to fall like running weather. It may look dark and dreary but all I noticed was the cool, crisp air.

It was glorious.

IMG_4420 (2)

It was quite a pleasure to run 4.50 miles outside and not sweat…and the best part – no sweat meant no messing up of the hair.

I was absolutely running on tired legs since I ran 5 miles in negative splits the day before but I enjoyed every moment.

As I ran, I suddenly became in the mood for a hot bowl of oatmeal, pumpkin picking and a season filled with sweet potatoes, chocolate covered caramel apples and some fall races.


I even felt like drinking a fall favorite coffee of mine – Starbucks House Blend.

Don’t get me wrong – I am in no way done with summer. I mean, I still haven’t made my way out to the watermelon farm for the yellow watermelon.

But, part of me is always in the mood for fall since it is my favorite season.

I am definitely craving a good race. It has been over two months since my last half marathon and while I have needed the break to recover from the two half marathons in the spring combined with that odd shoulder injury I suffered with in April, I am eager to taper, overhydrate, sweet potato load and then recover.


So far on my calendar is the Great Cow Harbor 10k in September and Hershey Park Half in October.


I would love another half to look forward to, preferably sooner rather than later so I need to do my investigative work to find one.

Something else I am looking forward to this fall is the opening of three Pure Barre locations in my area!

th (5)

I have read so many reviews of Pure Barre and other ballet booty barre type classes from other bloggers around the country that I have been wanting to attend a class or two to experience it for myself.

While Lifetime offers a ballet booty barre class, it is never given at a time that I have been able to attend.

IMG_4441 (2)

I am even all set with the Pure Barre socks! I received them in my swag bag back in May when I attended Fitness Magazine’s Fitblog NYC.

I am destined to take a Pure Barre class, yes?

While I wait for the locations to open, I will continue doing my running thing out on the path and maybe get myself to Lifetime before my membership is frozen next week.

August 1st is already next week? Wow. Let’s not think about it and instead enjoy another summer weekend.


What are your plans for this weekend?

Do you have a Pure Barre studio near you? Have you ever attended a ballet booty barre class?

Which season is your favorite?

Quick – Sweet potatoes or butternut squash? – I swear my answer to this is a toss up – I love them both!

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  1. says

    The weather has been crazy. I was wishing I had a jacket yesterday morning walking into work. And I think I’ll go with sweet potatoes…although I do love butternut squash soup. Surprisingly, my favorite season is winter.

  2. says

    Fall is my favorite season too! I love the colors and the crisp-ness in the air. Boots, sweaters and perfect running weather!! Oh, and pumpkin spice lattes 🙂