Three Tip Tuesday – Waffle Iron Recipes

Spin Tuesday it is not, at least not for me.

I once again can’t get to Lifetime which leaves me only with the option to spin next Tuesday before my membership is frozen August 1st.

I am not all that upset about missing spin though. I am more than happy to run instead.

I ran 5 miles yesterday morning at my new out of comfort zone pace.

I should probably think about strength training for today since I have been forgetting to incorporate weights into my routine on a regular basis.

Actually, no. Let’s be honest here. I am not forgetting. I am making an excuse. I am choosing not to strength train.

I know I make time for what I want and everything else, well…it can wait.

One thing of importance that I did actually forget was to restock the Steel Cut Oats last week.

IMG_4379 (2)

I normally buy the big can of John McCann’s Steel Cut Oats. When I was at Whole Foods on Sunday, I finally decided to buy the oats from the bulk bins since I had heard it works out cheaper. And it does.

I love a good savings.

IMG_4367 (2)

To mix breakfast up a bit though over the weekend, I experimented with using the Kodiak Cakes mix to make waffles in my waffle iron.


I didn’t get great photos because honestly, it all happened so randomly quick that I wasn’t thinking to photograph the process.

In my opinion, they didn’t fluff up as well as other mixes have in the past but I will need to try again to confirm this as a fact.

The taste was still there and breakfast was enjoyable, which is really all that matters, yes?

Did you know you can use your waffle iron to make recipes other than waffles?


Thanks to Pinterest, there are numerous recipes to test out using your waffle maker. I have come across so many delicious looking choices but have only provided a few in this post.

Click on the images below for the link to the recipes.


The recipe possibilities appear to be endless when it comes to using potatoes in your waffle iron.


I love waffle fries. And I think I will love low-fat waffle fries even more.


Mashed potatoes in waffle form? Perhaps even sweet potatoes in waffle form? Yes, please.


Happiness in life can be defined as a warm chocolate chip cookie from the oven.


Will a warm chocolate chip cookie from a waffle iron equal happiness? We shall see.



I can’t see how this can be bad – so long as your brownie recipe is delish, waffle shaped would make for a fun brownie sundae.

BONUS: Click here for a link to a list of 15 things you can make using your waffle iron.

If I can get really comfortable making waffle iron creations, perhaps I can replicate my favorite sundae from Cold Stone Creamery.


I haven’t had my giant chocolate dipped waffle bowl in way too long. My local Cold Stone Creamery has not been making them and to say I am upset about this is an understatement.



Do you often make excuses for not doing something you know you should?

What is your oat of choice- steel cut or old-fashioned?

Do you make the recipes you pin on Pinterest or do they sit and look pretty on your boards like most of mine?

Have you tried making anything other than waffles on your waffle iron?

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  1. says

    I have a bowl of steel cut oats every weekday morning. I make a big batch in bulk then reheat, it’s pretty simple. I don’t have a waffle iron because I’m not a huge waffle fan, but I would LOVE to make some waffle fries!