Three Question Tuesday

We may have  to rename Spin Tuesday just plain Tuesday again.

I don’t think I will be able to make it this morning to my favorite  9:45 am class, making it two weeks in a row that I will miss Spin Tuesday.

Oh well.

I prefer to workout early in the morning anyway. And really, I prefer a good run over spin any day.

I ran 6 miles nice and early yesterday morning. I can’t say it was my best run, but it was certainly decent.

I know we are supposed to cross train, and I do. But, even after a great spin class, the itch to run doesn’t go away.

Some things in life are irreplaceable.

I notice a lot of blogs ask the question –  What are three foods that you cannot live without?

While we can all answer that question, I have a different question for you today.

Name three nouns (or even a verb) in your life that you cannot live without?

For those of you who forget what a noun is, that would be a person, place or thing. And a verb friends, is an action word.

Let’s get started, shall we?

th (3)

1- The other day I left my favorite hair brush at a friend’s house.

Now, to the average person, leaving a hair brush is no big deal – just use a different one.

Not for me. I swear by my Mason Pearson. It is like no other brush. There is no substitute. It is one item in my routine that is noticeably missing if I do not brush my hair with it.

Sure, I can comb my hair, use a different brush to untangle knots but my Mason Pearson, which I have had for 15 years,  brushes my hair like no other.

I have been swearing by Mason Pearson since I am a little girl.

Even when I was 6, I recall knowing this was the brush for me. I have only owned two in my lifetime and am now considering buying a back up brush to keep in the closet in case of an emergency.

2- If I had to pick a food I couldn’t live without, of course I am going to say peanut butter.

IMG_4098 - Copy

I received another shipment of Peanut Butter & Co. Crunch Time just the other day. I love it. But, in an emergency craving situation, I could certainly eat another brand if I had to and it would save me from peanut butter withdrawal.

But, what is completely irreplaceable in my mind, is my favorite snack.

th (5)

There is no substituting when you want a nice crisp (Granny Smith) apple and peanut butter.

Sure, you can put peanut butter on just about anything.

But, no banana, peach, berry or cracker is going to give me the same satisfaction of a crisp, sliced and preferably tart Granny Smith apple.

IMG_4001 (2)

Even last week when I ate this Pink Lady apple instead of the Granny Smith, I felt a little bit off.

3- I should say at this point in my list that I can’t live without my son. Of course I can’t. That’s a given.

But what I want to say and express for number three in this list are the people we meet and realize how well they blend into our worlds and then wonder how it could be we ever did not know them.


I totally brushed my hair the day this picture was taken with my Mason Pearson.

While I have more than just the two close friends in this picture, if I don’t speak to the girl on the left at our normal times of the day, I feel off balance.

We both do. Sometimes it takes a minute or two to figure out what is wrong in my day, something will just feel off kilter, not right. And then I realize- I didn’t speak to Lisa yet.

Lisa is irreplaceable in my day. And in my life.



There are people in our lives that just fit. And get it.

They understand your sense of humor, respect your need to run even if they don’t, know exactly what to say and know when saying nothing says it all, feel bad for you when you are missing your hairbrush and are totally on board for a road trip to any destination you choose, even when the destination is based around some random bake shop that you must test out.

Speaking of bake shops, I must inform you of an upcoming major event (well, major to me):


The Cheesecake Factory will be launching it’s newest cheesecake – Toasted Marshmallow Smore’s Galore on National Cheesecake Day, July 30th.

While I am a chocolate cake lover, I may have to attend this event just because.

Can’t pass up a dessert deal. Who is with me?


What are the three nouns (or verbs) that you cannot live without?

Can you narrow down three foods you can’t live without?

Cheesecake or Chocolate cake?

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  1. says

    I think in almost all situations id say cheesecake over chocolate cake. But my great grandmothers chocolate cake recipe is ridiculously amazing, probably because it has a ton of cream cheese both in the batter and in the frosting. I’m totally on board with trying this new s’mores flavor. And I’ve never used a mason Pearson brush but now I feel like maybe I’ve been missing out…

  2. says

    How exciting is it to see that PB shipment on your doorstep….love it. I am actually more of a cheesecake person than chocolate cake, but I rarely eat either. I am pretty picky when it comes to cake- especially the cheese form- I will always think my moms is the best 🙂

  3. says

    Bye bye spin class! I feel ya with that – I have a gym membership and want to go so badly – and when I do take a class, I just find myself itching to squeeze in a long run too. Oh the woes of a runner girl. That brush looks super awesome! Three things I can’t live without – hmmm… My dog, my friends/boyfriend and probably running at this point. Unless, of course, I want to live a miserable and unfulfilled life.

  4. says

    OH everyone’s addiction to peanut butter 😉 At least I know I am not the only one who orders a lot of food! HA HA! I get food packages almost daily – HEY beats having to lug LOADS OF HEAVY BAGS up millions of flights of stairs to get to my apartment, lol!