Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I am having a love/hate feeling for today.

I mean, no one can love Monday but at the same time, I am welcoming Monday in order to snap me back into my normal routine.

Are you sitting down? I took another full rest day yesterday. That makes two in one week.

No, I was not sick.

Instead of running, I was flipping.

IMG_4073 (2)

Pancakes. Chocolate chip pancakes actually.


With Mighty Maple Peanut Butter between each Kodiak Cake pancake.


Pancakes and sunshine = My version of Sunday Funday.

My routine may be slightly out of whack but that doesn’t mean I have failed in the good food department.

IMG_4057 (2)

This Red Mango parfait carefully constructed by moi happened after Saturday’s long run. I am telling you it NEVER gets old. I even treated myself to two cherries on top.

IMG_4068 (2)

Saturday night I returned to an old favorite Mexican restaurant of mine, Mi Ranchito. Out of this world guacamole.

IMG_4069 (2)

Vegetable fajitas never disappoint.

IMG_4070 (2)

This steak was not mine, however, the daring side of my vegetarian persona considered snagging a bite.

IMG_4071 (2)

Instead I went with the chocolate mousse cake.

I am still thinking about steak. Skirt steak. Or a good steak for two (medium/medium rare) from one of my favorite steak houses.

I don’t miss chicken. Or turkey. Or any form of meat/poultry really – except maybe, just maybe, a bite of steak.

I can’t say that I am actually craving it, it is more that I am considering it.

We shall see if it is in the cards for me.

Speaking of in the cards, I am loving my horoscope for this week. I receive a daily horoscope email and it always give me the theme for the week ahead. This week’s theme:


I always loved this phrase.


It is definitely the most appropriate theme for my week; and for life in general lately.

I will keep it in mind during my run this morning. After two rest days in one week, I am feeling more than ready for a speedy run.

Since I want to run 5 or 6 miles, it is much better idea to pace myself and start out at a slow, comfortable pace to avoid burning out too soon.


Have a great Monday!


How was your weekend?

Have you fallen out of routine due to summer and Fourth of July?

Do you read your horoscope daily?

If you are vegetarian, do you ever crave meat/poultry? Do you ever take a bite? If so, does your body have an issue with digestion?

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  1. says

    Chocolate chip pancakes are my favorite!

    I have been a vegetarian for a year and a half and rarely ever crave meat (probably because there are so many great substitutes out there). Therefore, I have not eaten meat. I did, however, accidentally eat a rice dish that had been cooked with chicken broth at a restaurant a few months back and my stomach/digestion was NOT happy! It could have been a coincidence, but I’m thinking not.

  2. says

    You may recall after almost 2 decades of being pesco veggie, I recently started eating chicken. I’ve been sticking with the about once a week plan and haven’t had any issues with digestion. HOWEVER- I don’t think my body would handle red meat at all. It never really seemed to happy about it actually, which is why I stopped eating it in the first place! haha

    • says

      I thought of you when I raised the question since I know you now occasionally eat chicken. My stomach has always been pretty tough but with my now vegetarian/pretty clean diet, the slightest processed thing (like cake) even makes my heart race so who knows what steak would do lol.