Wednesday already? How did that happen?

I have been so consumed with what I do not know that I completely forgot about the Fourth of July  4-mile race I wanted to run tomorrow morning.


It seems I can still register and pick up my number this afternoon.

I don’t love races shorter than a 10K but I like this one because it runs through my hometown.

And because there is an endless supply of watermelon at the finish.

I ran a decent pace last year but I have become significantly faster in these short distance races so I am curious to see my finish time tomorrow.


Yes, that is me with the blonde ponytail on the left. I hate finish line pictures since the time is never accurate for when you cross and the photo is snapped.

I ran 4 miles yesterday so today I will rest my legs a bit and take the opportunity to try out my friend’s Mixed Combat/Boxing type class this morning at Lifetime.

He has been asking me to try it out for months and I just never got around to it.

Something else I never got around to: MY FOODCATION.

Remember I was trying to plan my trip away from the kitchen?

Well, it seems like all I have been doing lately  is eat out so my foodcation has been occurring without even being planned.

IMG_3986 (2)

Continuing with this week’s salad theme, I had another lunch out and another salad at a great local place, Laguna Grille.

IMG_3990 (2)

The salsa alone is amazing. But those banana chip things are pretty good too.

IMG_3992 (2)

This was the best salad I have had in a really long time.

IMG_3995 (2)

I went with the grilled vegetable salad and had them add avocado. I chose the fruit passion something dressing on the side but the truth is, a good salad that contains multiple grilled vegetables has so much flavor that it really doesn’t need dressing.

IMG_3997 (2)

But everything is that much better with pineapple salsa. I need more pineapple salsa in my life.


I did a good job, yes?

I think on the way back from Lifetime this morning I need to stop at Fairway. Even though they stopped putting my Granny Smith apples on sale once again, my apple supply has dwindled well below acceptable.

IMG_4001 (2)

Do you see what is wrong with the above picture of my favorite snack?

That would be a Pink Lady apple instead of Granny Smith. My life is off-balance until I correct this snack situation.



Anyone running a race tomorrow?

Do you find you are eating out more now that it is summer?

Chips and Dip or Sweet Tooth – which one are you?   I am totally a sweet tooth, I could pass on chips any day.

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  1. says

    I TOTALLY agree with you about the salad thoughts – a good salad does not need dressing at all. YAY for 4th of July races! I’m doing a 10K tomorrow in the 100% chance of thunderstorm + rain weather. Yipee. Not.