Don’t Jinx It!

I must say this week is flying by. At least for me.

I ran again yesterday morning, stopping myself at 4.60 miles for two reasons:

1- I am afraid to overdo it this week  2- I really needed to get my day going.

I ran those miles in negative splits, feeling as though I could have kept up my quick pace even though it was super hot and humid.

If anyone is keeping track, that makes 4 runs in 5 days (25 miles total) with a day of spin in between.

Is it the shoes?


Is it too soon to say the Gel Nimbus 15 are keepers?

Truth: If I like something, I am afraid to speak too soon about it in fear of jinxing the situation.

Maybe it is the kid in me, but I think I still believe in the jinx.

Or maybe I am just silly? That’s fine, call me silly. There are worse things in life to be known as than just silly.

Well, if I should thank the shoes are not, running this week has been phenomenal.

While I normally run often, not all of the runs are fabulous and typically I experience some sort of soreness, stiffness, tiredness in my legs at some point.

The only issue I had yesterday was a terrible headache that began at the conclusion of my run that lasted until the early afternoon.

I never get headaches. I decided that I was dehydrated from the serious sweating that has been taking place due to the sudden rise in heat and humidity.


Perfect excuse to pick up a watermelon. And a cart load of other things.


Yes, I know I was just at Trader Joe’s the other day. I told you I am always there.

I try to vary the Trader Joe’s locations I shop at so that I don’t become known as the crazy TJ lady.

Or should we make that the silly TJ Lady.

Even though I consumed a large amount of watermelon while slicing it, I still wasn’t feeling right.

When lunch rolled around, I wasn’t all that hungry but was craving peanut butter.


You know when you are totally in the mood for something and it hits the spot perfectly? That was my lunch yesterday.

Crunch Time PB+ Mighty Maple PB+ Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel Bread = True Happiness.

The side of fruit was just an added bonus.

I am so simple. It really doesn’t take much to make me happy, especially when peanut butter is involved.

Give me peanut butter, sushi and sunshine anyday….and I am a happy girl.

And my morning run of course. Which I think I will be heading  out for again shortly. My legs still feel fine and have no interest in any form of an elliptical machine.

Before I go, can I tell you a secret?

secret menu

The word on the street is Subway now has a secret menu. Click here for the link.

The Subway secret menu includes hidden signature sandwiches, toppings and different ways to order your old sandwiches.

If you missed my previous post about secret menus, click on the link below:

Long Run and More Secret Menus!

Have a great Thursday!


Do you ever get headaches after running?

Do you eat half of the watermelon you buy as you slice it up?

Do you eat at Subway often? I really don’t anymore but my son loves it.

What makes you happy?

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  1. says

    I finally got a watermelon yesterday!!! And, I was thinking of you the whole time I looked for the perfect one 🙂
    Nice job with the mileage this week- I know you guys are having super hot and humid weather there, so I am really impressed!

    • says

      Thank you – it is weird, it is super humid yet it isn’t affecting my runs at all. This morning I felt better when I finished so maybe the watermelon really helped lol. I also added a ton of soy sauce to my dinner last night to bump up my salt.