Friday Humor

Happy Friday friends!

Everyone loves Friday. Even when you have nothing planned for the weekend, just the idea of Friday and the arrival of the weekend is enough to put people in a good mood.


As you can probably tell by now, I am pretty good at putting myself in a good mood and making light of even the heaviest of situations.

So what’s the secret to my endless positive attitude?

Confession: I can make myself laugh. Often. Like hysterical, uncontrollable laughter.

Laughter my friends is up there with exercise as the best form of medicine.

laughter is the best medicine

And while it is great to get your laugh on with your friends, sometimes, you need to be able to make yourself smile.


So how to do make myself laugh? Well, modern technology has been assisting me lately.


I am absolutely obsessed these days with the funny and sarcastic quotes and ecards circulating the internet.

Some people love the sappy, meaningful quotes for inspiration. And I do too.

But sometimes, one needs the sarcastic humor of the quotes in order to mitigate some of life’s challenges.


I read them and laugh. When I am feeling super generous, I forward them by text to my friends or we go back and forth posting them on facebook.


I thought I would share a sampling of my favorites for you today to kick off the weekend for you. I am telling you that there is a sarcastic ecard quote for just about any situation:


I am the queen of contacting customer service.


I hate cleaning out leftovers in my pyrex containers.


Welcome to my world. I was told last night that the fact that I make quinoa makes me weird.


I can’t help but picture those funky pants M.C. Hammer used to wear.

Speaking of pants, here are two of my favorites:



My favorite facebook quotes:


I always have my sunglasses on.


Tell me this hasn’t happened to you?


OK, if you aren’t laughing yet, I don’t know if we could be friends.



And in the spirit of my favorite little hobby:

th (3)

Have a great weekend!


Do you make yourself laugh?

Do you love these ecards?

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  1. Tess says

    You are great!!!! Thanks for sharing especially on a Friday…..Lurve <3 and Laughter!

  2. says

    YESSSS to that last quote. OMG yes times a million. But girl, you and me both, I spend too much time on Pinterest and other sites looking at humorous things to annoy my friends with. I send them constantly. Seriously though, they are the best. Have a wonderful weekend!