Spin Sanity

Spin was intense. Actually, intense is an understatement.

I questioned my sanity within the first 10 minutes of the class.

I questioned the woman next to me half way through to see if she felt the class was especially difficult this week or if perhaps I was completely out of spin-shape.

She was barely able to get the word “yes” out of her mouth since couldn’t breathe.

At least I could breathe.

I questioned what it was I thought I missed about this class and swore to myself that if I made it out alive I would never ever go back again.

I don’t sweat easily but let me tell you, I was soaked.

Good thing I was wearing my favorite Lulu top that is just perfect for spinning.


You may recall that I wore the “No Limits Tank” to the Fitness Magazine Meet and Tweet a few weeks ago. I had bought the new color pattern to match those Lulu pants in the picture.

They market the No Limits Tank as a Yoga top but I absolutely love the features for spinning. Or really any activity that may produce sweat.

Info from Lulu Lemon:

why we made this

              To create  this loose-fitting, light and airy tank we  used a combination of luon in the bra and Circle Mesh in the core to optimize its movement and breathability. It’s the perfect match for our Vinyasa practice where we like our clothes to mimic and accentuate our flow.

key features

  • the thin straps and racerback cut allow you to twist with ease
  • mesh panel thoughtfully placed in the bust lining where the girls come to touch
  • Circle Mesh is moisture wicking
  • the wide band around the hips keeps the tank in place
  • flat seams are better than fat seams. Give chafing ‘ell

The key features to this top is the open, airy and light feeling. You need that breeze when you are sweating your life away on that bike.


The awful photo above was taken after our run at the Meet and Tweet. I elected to share this less than pretty picture with you just so you can see the breathable sides of the top.

I certainly, in no way shape or form, wish to promote Lulu after she gave me an issue doing that return a few weeks ago.

Since I am so good-natured, I will still inform you of the products I feel you need.

Click here for the link to the No Limits Tank. You need one. Or two.

I will definitely wear this top again next week for Spin Tuesday.

Yes, I know I just said I wasn’t going to ever go back. Of course I will, don’t be silly.

After spin and a shower, I spotted the Lifetime Run Booth all set up in the lobby of the gym.


Lifetime has a run club that I never became a part of for a few reasons:

  1.  The group runs are normally held in the evening and I am a morning runner
  2.  I like to run alone because I am not run-friendly *

*Some people may say I am not friendly running or not running but if anyone ever tells you that you can say that I just gave you a link to a Lulu top that I felt you needed.

Anyway, I stopped to see what all the hoopla was about. They were promoting a Father’s Day 5k for this weekend and selling some Lifetime Run shirts.


As lovely as this shirt appears, it was $25. I prefer the freebies considering how much I pay for my membership. In fact, they should supply me with a gym uniform based upon the monthly membership fee.

Speaking of freebies, I did sign up for a FREE GAIT ANALYSIS.

I received a few comments in the last couple of days regarding my recent sneaker issues suggesting that perhaps I should have my gait analyzed.

Well friends, we shall see after my appointment that will be within the next week or so (have to coordinate with the head of the run club to make the exact day/time).

A run gait analysis is conducted to maximize your running economy. I will be videotaped while running 15 minutes on the treadmill and then the video will be analyzed to see about my form and where I can make adjustments.

As exhausting and grueling as spin was yesterday, I am not sore at all this morning so I think I will head out for a run soon in the bright sunshine.

Since I was kind enough to share the Lulu link with you today, please return the kindness and find these burgers for me and let me know if they are good:


I have yet to locate these Asian Veggie Burgers from Dr. Praeger’s but I am on a mission to find them.

Have a great Wednesday!


I need to know:

Do you ever question your sanity during workouts?

Have you ever had your gait analyzed?

Do you eat veggie burgers? If so, which brands? Or do you make your own?

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  1. says

    OOoooo, those burgers sound awesome!! I will definitely be on the lookout for those!

    And I have a question about spinning…is it hard on your knees? I have not been able to run due to knee issues, but was wondering if spinning would be a good alternative. Thoughts?

    • says

      I find spinning grueling yet low impact. It is definitely easier on the joints- I would think you can modify how often you go in and out of the seat as well as the resistance in relation to how it makes your knees feel. I find that it does not hurt me the same way running can.

      Meredith Sent from my iPhone

  2. says

    Nice job on the spin…it’s crazy when the teacher goes nuts and makes it super hard- especially when you weren’t mentally prepared for that!
    I eat veggie burgers a couple times a week. My absolute favorite right now are LightLife backyard grill’n burgers. They are huge and thick and taste delicious on the grill!

  3. says

    I can’t wait to take a spin class! I’m a part of LA Fitness and you have to sign up for them because they’re so popular, but I really want to, especially lately. 🙂 Kudos for rocking it out, even if you sweat like a crazy woman. Haha, I can’t wait til I can buy LuLuLemon things.. One day.. Eventually. I love all their stuff so much! Veggie burgers are typically questionable on my grocery list, as in I go through phases of caring about them vs. being weirded out by them. I’m currently in the latter phase. Bummeroooski! Have a fab rest of your day you fit lady, you!

  4. says

    I took a spin class a month ago. Five minutes in, I was thinking “OMG get me out of here with these lunatics.” I’m considering trying again tomorrow. I was in so much pain the next day it was crazy. But then I learned it was because I didn’t up the resistance. I thought that would make it harder so I didn’t! Dumb, dumb, dumb. That Lulu top is so cute- I (like Meg above) can’t wait to buy some of their stuff when I’m rich. 🙂