My run yesterday was nowhere near as glorious as the last few have been.


The conditions were perfect, even after the flooding rains from Tropical Storm Andrea.

I blame my sneakers.


I just don’t know about these Brooks Glycerins. Some days they are great.

And then some days, they hurt the tops of my feet. Or the bottoms. Or, to put it simply, they just feel wrong lately.

I feel I have given them a fair chance. I even stop my runs to tie/re-tie and tie again.

To make matters worse, I don’t even know about the Saucony, Reebok or Asics I have lying around either.


I can’t fully explain my issues here. None of my sneakers are “THE ONE”.

I realize I am a Gemini. Please understand that I am not normally indecisive or bi-polar.

I have never had any form of a commitment issue.


Is it wrong to be looking for my glass slipper?

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    • says

      Ugh, I loved my Asics until one day I didn’t lol. I may switch back, who knows. I wish they would stop tweaking the shoes every few months. As soon as I love a pair, they change them!