June 5th


Happy Birthday to me!

And a Happy National Running Day to you!

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I am not one to share but I feel truly blessed to share my birthday with National Running Day.

How perfect of a pairing.

To properly observe my birthday and this running holiday, I intend to head out for my birthday run shortly.


And then eat my post-run meal on my Hello Kitty party plates.

The day you stop buying yourself cute party plates is the day you are truly old.

35. Thirty Five. Hmmm.

Well, 35,  you aren’t exactly where I pictured I would be but you know what, I am QUITE HAPPY.

Birthdays are a funny thing. They happen every year and every year you tend to look back at where you were, what you have done, where you thought you would be and where you hope to be next year.


I like presents. There is still time to send me an Edible Arrangement. 

Anyway, as I was saying, we all tend to analyze where we are in life and attempt to plan out our future.

It just doesn’t work that way folks.

These last few years have been quite the unpredictable rollercoaster of a ride (to say the least) and I must say, I am thrilled with where that rollercoaster has landed me in my life now.


At the age of 35, it is now time to stop looking back, not try to see too much into the future and simply enjoy the promise of each new day.


And of course, enjoy some more birthday cake.


I need to know:

Are you celebrating National Running Day? If so, how many miles will you run?

What is your cake of choice – ice cream cake or regular cake? No question here for me – regular cake all the way. Chocolate fudge cake to be exact.

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  1. says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! You are quite lucky to share the day with National Running Day 🙂 My birthday is actually on Friday, so this was a great post for me to read today. I am turning 32 and I totally relate to the “looking back and not quite feeling like you are where you thought you would be”…but perhaps we will always feel like that no matter our age! Enjoy your day and eat some cake!

  2. says

    Happy, happy, happy, happy, a VERY happy birthday to you!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I thought about you on my way into work this morning – this lucky Meredith lady gets to share the holiday! 🙂 I hope you have a fabulous run to celebrate both your bday and the running day! I plan on registering for a race today with all the fabulous discounts out there!!!