The Stars Align….

Friday sure came quick! Love the short weeks when Monday is a holiday.

It went from 50 degrees last Saturday to suddenly high 90’s. Welcome to summer.

Pool, beach, outdoor dining…doesn’t get better than this time of year!

I can’t believe the calendar is claiming June 1st is tomorrow.

Lots of fun things happening in June:

My membership is back for Lifetime Fitness starting tomorrow! I am excited to vary my workout routine, get back to spinning and hang by the pool.

I am hopeful the boy enjoys going back to Lifetime, especially for the awesome outdoor water slide.


If not, I will re-evaluate the membership. As much as I love it and truly look forward to Spin Tuesday, it is a hefty price to pay if he doesn’t benefit from the facility too.

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National Running Day is this Wednesday, June 5. Which also happens to be MY BIRTHDAY! colorcake

(awesome picture is courtesy of my girl, the Arty Runner Chick – Cait Chock – is she not an amazing artist?)

The universe has aligned this year to allow me more than one perfect reason to eat lots of cake.


I can’t help but still get excited about my birthday. Maybe I shouldn’t still get all giddy around this time of year but hey, age is just a number.

If you ask me, I feel 24. And I am sticking to it.

And if celebrating running and my birthday with lots of cake isn’t exciting enough for one month,  I am probably most looking forward to the end of the school year.


I have had enough of the lunch making, snack preparing, bus stop standing and most importantly, the homework enforcing.

I think the teachers should stop giving homework once Memorial Day weekend rolls around, don’t you agree?

It is time for camp to start and the boy to be exhausted from all of the activity and go to bed early.

Remember the foodcation I have been planning? I haven’t forgotten about it. At all.

I am still contemplating the logistics but have decided summer is the perfect time to take that little break from cooking.

In the meantime, until I pick the week and plan out the details,  I have noticed that I have been giving less thought to some meals and relying on my friends to do get the job done.

My good friends Amy, Dr. Praeger and Trader Joe.




I should really thank quinoa too. It has been a recent, easy staple in our house these days.


Quick and easy dinner last night – stir fry mixed with chick peas and quinoa topped with avocado.

I am off now to once again get the boy ready for school. Have a great weekend!

I need to know:

What are you doing this weekend? Any races?

What exciting things are on your calendar for June?

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    Oh my goodness what a cool day for your birthday! So fitting for one of the most amazing runners I know (internet know, that is!). AWESOME! I’m envious of your lifetime fitness membership. If your locations are anything like they are here in ATL, that gym is the epitome of everything fitness, glamorous and wonderful. LUCKY! 🙂 Enjoy that stuff! I must do this spinning thing, everyone is recommending it… Falafel flats? Sounds like a slice of heaven. Yum. I’m mostly laying low, a 5K and a Braves game on the agenda for tomorrow! Yay!

    • says

      Good luck in your race! I’m so honored you refer to me as one of the best runners you know. Can’t be possible but I am honored all the same. The falafel flats are fabulous and only recently have I discovered them! Love lifetime, it’s an amazing place.

      Meredith Sent from my iPhone