Three Tip Tuesday- Pool Bag Essentials

Don’t you just love when the week begins on a Tuesday?

It throws me off a bit, but in a good way! It is always best to think it is Monday and find out it is already Tuesday.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable, long weekend.

As a member of Healthy Living Blogs, I was given the opportunity to contribute to their Healthy Living Tuesday series.

The theme for this month’s Healthy Living Tuesday series is Healthy Mind, Healthy Body.

Click here for the link to today’s post where I discuss my opinion of calorie counts on menus.


Some people like to know the calories in the food they are about to eat.

Not me. Especially when I am selecting a cupcake.

Tell me the type of filling in my cupcake. Not the amount of calories it will cost me.

Anyway, I was so happy when the weather finally perked itself up this weekend.

Yesterday was perfect for spending the day at pool.


My view for the day looked something like this.


It was so gorgeous out without being too hot or humid that we remained at the pool until I had to drag the boy out.

Outdoor activity makes him nice and tired so I really can’t complain.

Being at the pool and in the sun all day requires my favorite pool bag to be packed with the essentials.


Even though the pool is in my community and is a short walk to my house, I still need to have the important stuff with me.


1. SUN PROTECTION – Are we tired yet of the sunblock discussion? I know I am! Finally though, I made my choice for the season and I am highly recommending you purchase these products (or just one of them).


On the left we have Babyganics sunscreen available at Target for the low price of $8.99.

Do not be afraid to use a bottle of sunscreen that appears to be marketed to kids.

It is perfect for adults as it is a broad spectrum SPF 50 UVA/UVB protection mineral based formula containing NO PABA, PARABENS, NANO-PARTICLES, RETINAL PALMITATE OR FRAGRANCE.

In addition to all of that wonderful news, the sunblock goes on as smooth as moisturizer. I was in shock actually yesterday when I felt the texture as I applied it all over the boy.

The product on the right is a bottle of sunscreen I purchased last year from the brand SkinCeuticals. It is a pricey sunscreen, however, I still highly recommend it.

SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense is another broad spectrum SPF 50 UVA/UVB Protective Fluid that has a universal tint that enhances your natural skin tone while also being water-resistant and free of parabens, and chemical-filter free.

I like that I can use it on my face  without the fear of clogging up the pores. I had bought this sunblock for outdoor running but use it at the pool/beach as well.



Dior makes a fabulous lip product called Lip Glow. It moisturizes and contains an SPF while special ingredients in the lip product respond to your chemistry and enhance your natural color.

It retails for $31 but I swear it is a must-have product. I love it so much that I have purchased it as gifts for my a few of my friends.

2. GREAT TOWELS- Just because we are considered adults now DOES NOT mean we have to resort to the solid, striped or mature looking beach towels.


Have some fun people. Express your inner child. Remain youthful.

I purchased these adorable Hello Kitty beach towels a few months ago at Forever 21. While stores like Target sell Hello Kitty and other licensed character towels, I prefer Forever 21 for their patterns (and price).



I had been saving what I thought were two different Fitness Magazines  to read at the pool. I received one Fitness Magazine in my swag bag as well as one in the mail  (since I ran the More Magazine/Fitness Magazine Women’s Half in April, part of my race fee included a year’s subscription to the magazine).


If you look closely, you will notice the covers appear different but contain the exact same material.

Same exact magazine – I guess they just issued two different covers? Not so sure.

In any event, a good read for the pool (or beach) is a must.


I am ABSOLUTELY obsessed with the Camelbak water bottle. You need it.

I take it with me everywhere and it is perfect to bring to the pool or beach since you can easily refill it from any water fountain or sink and trust that the filter will give you fresh, clean water.

What’s in your beach bag?

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  1. says

    Loving your pool day pictures! How wonderful to spend a day relaxing with your boy! 🙂 I couldn’t agree more about the calorie count thing – though I think that some people need to be shown what they’re doing because not everyone has the healthy living consciousness that other work hard to achieve. In any regard, posting calorie count at McDonald’s likely won’t stop someone from getting what they still want. I liked your post! 🙂 Good job getting on there! Cute Hello Kitty towels – had no idea about Forever 21, that’s awesome! My beach bag has a radio, sunscreen, chapstick, towels and a hat. 🙂

  2. says

    Looks like a great day to spend at the pool. I haven’t been to a pool, beach, or lake yet this season, but I will get there soon- last week of work before summer break!

  3. EZTWINS says

    Looks like it was a great day! I’m definitely going to try the lip glow. I was laughing about the pool essentials because my friends and I have a joke about never going to the each without our “beach essentials”. This is a pouch consisting of tissues, tweezers- never know when u may need to get rid of a stray hair!, lip balm with sunscreen, mirror, Purell, hand moisturizer and of course sunblock.