Too Plugged In…

It is a good thing the school year is just about over.


This folder may not look like it is in bad shape to you, but the fact that it is the 7th one I have bought for this school year and it is already torn in several spots, I know we are reaching the end of yet another folder’s life.

I am not interested in replacing another folder this school year.

I am focused on sunblock and which ice pops to buy, not school supplies.

It just doesn’t seem right that a child of mine has school supplies that fall apart. I took such pride in my school supplies and loved all of my pencils, folders, notebooks…my supplies surely never looked like this.

I dread going through the messy school bag to empty out his overflowing folder piled with papers everyday.

I have recently been contemplating  asking the teacher if he could GO GREEN and paperless.

Until I came across this picture. It changed my perspective.


Is this not a beautiful picture? Tell me it is. It is more than a picture only a mother could love.

OK, if you can’t tell, it is a beautiful rendition of an  ice cream sundae.

I think I taught him well, yes?

My child, who still questions if I am his real mother, sits and draws ice cream sundaes.

I am so proud. Especially since I told him recently he needs to practice his doodling skills.

It must be all of the technology. the iproducts…these kids are so plugged in that they forget what a box of crayons look like.

They don’t even know how to doodle. Don’t kids doodle anymore? You know, draw your own little pictures in the margins of your papers and notebooks?

I was the queen of the doodle.

Maybe that is why my nickname in high school became doodles. And yes, I still answer to the name.

Forget learning how to spell correctly; technology has interfered with our children’s creativity development skills.

There are thousands of apps out there that rob us our creativity by doing almost of all the thinking and creating for us.


I am no stranger to the Easy Bake Oven app. Have you tried it?


It lets you create all kinds of goodies from cupcakes, cakes, cake popes and ice cream sundaes to pizzas and Chinese take out.


I have made some pretty mean sundaes, cakes and cupcakes using this app. I don’t really play around in the app world, but I will admit this one is on my phone and I sometimes get lost in my cupcake decorating.

While on the topic of technology, I got myself a new laptop.


I love that it is pink.


I needed a new laptop that was lighter in weight and faster in operating.

 The little boy is now jealous that I have Windows 8 with a touch screen and he doesn’t.

Seriously?  All I cared about at the age of 9 were my Barbie dolls and which outfit Ken and Barbie were going to wear to the barbecue taking place on the roof top of the dream house.

While I am loving my new computer, I am still getting the hang of it. I have had some issues with the photo loading and editing which may explain why my photos don’t look too great.

Although, to be honest, my photos will never look like there is a photographer behind this blog.

In fact, I am going to share a quick and easy recipe today that includes photos that are totally not picturesque.

I am opting to share these photos really to show that I am human and that cooking and creating delicious meals doesn’t need to be picture perfect.

If you think about it, the advances in technology and these cute little apps make everything look so perfect that when you snap back into the real world, you may forget that the pretty cakes you make in the virtual world don’t always appear that way in your real kitchen.

A few days ago, the aroma of my oatmeal pumpkin chia pancakes filled the house and woke the boy from his sleep. He came into the kitchen to inform me that I should try cooking in a kitchen further from his room.

The nerve of me. I better go cook in someone else’s home since we only have one kitchen that I am aware of.

He then proceeded to request french toast for breakfast based upon the smell in the house. I told him it was pancakes but he was set on French toast.

French toast it was.

Banana French Toast using Cinnamon Raisin Ezekial Bread.


With very little time to spend cooking before school, I quickly mashed half of a banana into one egg. I had two slices of Ezekial bread in the freezer which are ready to be cooked within 10 seconds of being defrosted in the microwave.



If you notice from looking at the picture, I barely had time to fully mash the banana or even coat the bread completely.


Didn’t matter. Once browned and cooked on both sides, I cut it all up on his plate with the rest of the banana sliced.

Of course topped with Mighty Maple Peanut Butter and a drizzle of syrup.


Cleaned Plate= Breakfast Success.

Regardless of how appealing the cooking process or final result seemed.

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I need to know:

What apps are on your phone? Do you use them all or do they just take up space?

Did you used to doodle in school? What were your go-to doodle designs? Mine were totally ice cream cones, balloons, flowers…

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  1. says

    I’m with you, I always tried to keep my school supplies in good shape. I wasn’t a big picture doodler, but I liked to write my name in a bunch of fancy scripts all over my math notes (who really likes math?).

  2. heather says

    Last night I was teaching Ella about bubble letters lol and doodled all over her new princess book-love that she loves to doodle!!! And since I can’t cook I will stick with doodling lol!!!

  3. says

    I never really was a doodler…or i would only doodle the same things over and over…haha- I’m not very artistic. I have a bunch of aps on my phone that I rarely use and some that I use constantly!