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I debated writing my usual post for today after seeing in the news the Tornado tragedy in Oklahoma. If my major problem at the moment is which sunscreen to use, I consider myself very lucky.

This year has been a year like no other in recent memory; ever since Hurricane Sandy back in October, my friends and I have discussed how everything in the world just feels off kilter; as soon as things start to seem “normal”, something else happens.

My thoughts are with those affected by yesterday’s tragedy.

Time is flying, isn’t it? Remember back in March when I said I was freezing my membership to Lifetime Fitness for April and May? Well, it is almost time for that freeze to expire and I will be back at the gym in a matter of days.

The time really has flown by and I haven’t missed it all that much. Well, except on Tuesdays when I think about my favorite Spin Tuesday with Ernie. I can’t wait to get that class back into my routine.

Nor can I wait for pool season.


I received a giant bottle of sunscreen in my swag bag from the brand, Vichy.


I have used Vichy skin care products in the past and was always pleased with their results. However, this was all before I became aware of the various chemicals, toxins, additives and allergens lurking in our skin care and personal hygiene products.

At the Meet and Tweet last week, I was very happy to learn from speaking with the Vichy representative that their products are all paraben-free.

However, this sunblock contains Oxybenzone and comes in an aerosol can. If you recall my post last week regarding what to look out for when choosing your sunblock, these were two big absolute no-no’s.

I entered this Vichy sunblock into my go-to site for product reviews, You can read the full review by clicking here.

I highly recommend you utilize to look up the products you use on a regular basis.

So what does one do now with this Vichy sunblock? On one hand, I want to use it because we go through several tubes of sunblock which we all know is quite pricey.

The boy alone goes through several tubes in one summer season – not just from using it but because he tends to lose a tube every other week in camp. 

On the other hand, I think about my phrase of “How much is your health worth?”

Is it really worth saving a few dollars to use a free sunscreen or buying a less expensive brand knowing very well that the ingredients are considered harmful?

While I sit and contemplate this sensitive topic, here are three random beauty tips for this Tuesday:

Beauty Tip #1- Match the weight of your makeup to the weight of your clothing – This fabulous tip is courtesy of celebrity makeup artist Sarah Lucero, executive director of Global Artistry at Stila Cosmetics. She offered us this tip during the seminar portion of the Meet and Tweet.  It simple means that during the winter, use heavier skin care products such as foundations, concealers, heavier moisturizers etc. In the summer, lighten it up. Choose lightweight products, and a more natural look.  She recommended tinted moisturizer (with an SPF) instead of foundation.


I recently switched to Clinique’s tinted moisturizer and I am very happy with it. Even though it is only a tinted moisturizer, it really offers great coverage and evens out the skin tone. Clinique is great for those of us with sensitive skin/allergies.

Even if you don’t think your skin is sensitive, I believe we should all treat our skin as if it is.  What you put on your face should never be harsh.

You only get one face, yes? Treat it well.

Beauty Tip #2- Store eye cream in the refrigerator– The colder the cream, the tighter the skin? I haven’t noticed a huge difference since switching my eye cream to the fridge but hey, it can’t hurt.

Beauty Tip #3 – Avocado– It is not only delicious and a nutritional powerhouse, avocado is an amazing (and cheap!) at home beauty product.


Click here for a link to Avocados From Mexico website that offers various Avocado beauty applications as well as several recipes and all-things avocado information.

Have a great Tuesday!

Have you ever tried an at-home avocado treatment before? If so, which one? Did you like it?

What are your go-to makeup products?

Do you use tinted moisturizer?

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    I’ll be honest and say that I never really paid much attention to whether or not my beauty products contained parabens. I was looking at some of them this morning and actually thought of you haha Quick question: does your shampoo not contain sodium lauryl sulfate? I really miss when my products don’t produce a “lather.” Have you found a good shampoo that still goes through your hair easily and get sudsy? And i haven’t tried making my own avocado treatments but I used burt’s bees avocado hair cream in the past. I used to rub honey and oats on my skin…that was a very sticky DIY treatment…

    • says

      I have to say I was shocked when I started checking my products more closely last month. I thought all shampoos were required years ago to stop using Sodium Lauryl and Lauryth Suflate. My beloved Kerastase as well as Loreal Color Vive both contain it in some form….I have been using Alba Botanica and like it very much. It lathers pretty well too! If you haven’t perused the EWG site, I really recommend that you do. It gives info on all products and recommends as well.