Black and White…

I dream in black and white.


Black and white cookies that is.

I woke up Saturday morning realizing I had a dream about eating black and white cookies.

Strange? Maybe for someone else.

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I actually cannot recall the last time I had a black and white cookie.

A local bakery actually makes their amazing black and white cookies with the same thick frosting you find on cakes rather than the hard frosting/coating usually found on black and white cookies.

I always prefer the chocolate side to the vanilla.

The trick is to get the cookies with a friend and try to trade your vanilla half for their chocolate.

Anyway, instead of treating myself to the cookie, I went to Cold Stone Creamery for my favorite sundae creation.


I should have gone for the cookie. Do you see something wrong with the above  picture?

Yeah, Cold Stone had some major chocolate dipped bowl issues.


Normally looks like this.

The owner was slightly nervous when he saw me arrive looking for MY bowl.

In an odd attempt to please me, he informed me that they had plenty of perfect chocolate dipped bowls just the day before.

Uh huh. That’s like a bagel store running out of bagels today yet telling me the bins were filled with  great bagels yesterday.

I didn’t have much luck at the other stores I ventured to this past weekend either.


I have quite the bone to pick with Lulu. In fact, I already sent an email to corporate.

What happened you ask?

Well, you see, I bought two headbands last week.


I wore the pink one and didn’t really love it, so I brought the other unworn headband, tags still on, back to return.

It seems that all sales are final when it comes to the headbands (as well as water bottles).

Well, no one told me this while I was paying at the register even though I expressed how unsure I was regarding my purchase of the two headbands.

So you can imagine how annoyed I was to go in for the return and hear the “educator” preach to me about their black and white return policy based upon sanitary reasons.

They let us try the headbands on in the store, yes?

Their strict return policy ended up entering the gray area by allowing me to exchange- which really made no sense since they accepted the “unsanitary” headband back.

The main point of my email to corporate was to explain that I have no problem paying top dollar when I like their products but if something isn’t great, they should be understanding and willing to do the return – especially when the tags and receipt are present.

And, doing an exchange was just bizarre. To me it meant they just didn’t want to give me my money back.

Maybe it is the marketing major in me but retail should be about building relationships with their customers by offering stellar customer service.

And isn’t the customer always right?

I did receive a response back from corporate apologizing and that they will be looking into the matter further.

On a much brighter note, I did receive an awesome headband in my swag bag from Sparkly Soul.


These fun colored headbands are perfect for pulling your hair away from your face while you work out, or really anytime you want to put your hair up/back.


I wore the sparkly blue one that I received and I barely realized it was on my head. I felt no pressure like I do from some headbands and the best part- it really doesn’t slip from where you place it.

I had the pleasure of meeting Pamela from Sparkly Soul while we were running at the Meet and Tweet.

I highly recommend if you are looking for some fun headbands to check out their site.

I am off to get the week started with a 5 or 6 mile run. My mind is set on a great run – let’s see if my legs are with me today.


Do you remember your dreams often?

Do you like black and white cookies? Which side is your favorite?

Do you make scenes in stores like I do when attempting a return?

Did you run a race this weekend? How did you do?

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  1. says

    I go through spells of vivid dreams and remembering numerous each night. I actually woke up this morning to my alarm when I was in the middle of a dream and I was so annoyed because I wanted to know how it ended! Oh well, a dream about cookies sounds pretty sweet! (Pun intended)

  2. says

    Love sparkly soul- i got a free headband from them when I worked at new york yoga. i wear it all the time- so comfortable and totally stays put!
    you just made me really miss the black & white 🙁

    • says

      Black and white cookies aren’t really available outside the tri-state area, right? I have heard that. So sad! I can send some to you for sure. I think rainbow cookies are only from New York area too. My friend in California had never heard of one – so so so sad!

  3. says

    Black and white cookies are the best cookies ever! Costco makes some that are amazing – but don’t buy them because they are in bulk and you will eat them all!! Odd that Lululemon behaved that way and I couldn’t agree more with you!! Seriously, it makes no sense, and I hope corporate takes care of you.
    I love a good headband – and those look similar to BIC bands, Sweaty bands, etc. 🙂 If they have competitive pricing, they might have a new customer with me. 🙂 Good luck on your run today! Knock it out legs!
    Let me also add that, YES, I will absolutely make a scene if I have to. My money is too valuable to me for any sort of shenanigans, thank you very much!!

  4. says

    I like those sparkly head bands! I hope Lulu refunds you. That’s no good! I don’t blame you for talking to corporate. I definitely speak up when I’m in a store because I’m giving them my business. Hope you get the refund!