Get Your Chick On…With Sunblock

Some people rely on GU, sport beans, Gatorade.


I rely on my chicking shirt to replenish my glycogen stores and send me flying.

TRUE STORY: I couldn’t wait until Wednesday night’s 5k race to wear my new chick shirt.

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Not easy to take a picture of yourself. I tried but it really didn’t work.

I asked the little boy to take my picture but he refused.

Of course he did – Mother’s Day was over and trying to please me doesn’t happen again for 364 more days.

My mind felt like running but my legs simply tagged along for the fresh air since they were pretty tired.

I wasn’t going fast, even though I was wearing my chick shirt.

It didn’t matter though – there weren’t many people on the path that I needed to outrun and there are never any men running MY path, especially on Monday mornings at 10:00 am.


I was in my final lap, thinking about what I would make for lunch when out of nowhere, a mysterious man sprints past me ON MY PATH.



My dead tired legs quickly picked up to marathon speed. When I tell you I sprinted, I sprinted to not only catch up to this mysterious speedy man, but to outrun him.

“Chick him” if you will.

OHHHH and I did. Oh yes. That will teach mystery man to mess with me on MY path in MY chicking uniform.

As soon as I passed him, I quickly turned off the path out of his sight. So I could slow down. And walk.

I think I have found my new guilty pleasure. Chicking  (thank you Cait for this fabulous terminology)

Guilty Pleasures. We all have them.

Cake. Kardashians. Cold Stone Waffle Bowl Sundaes….and now outrunning men in my chick shirt (and skirt when not in the wash).

My hair has a guilty pleasure as well.


I avoid toxic chemicals,  preservatives, parabens and ingredients I cannot pronounce like the plague but don’t try and keep my hair from those little bowls of who knows what that my colorist paints onto my hair that makes the color so pretty.


Listen, I do what I can to limit the toxins in my life.

If I am destined to live in a bubble that shields us from the parabens  invading our world, I need my hair to look its best.

I am still on my quest to eliminate the hazardous ingredients from our every day products.


  • I have switched my makeup from Dior to Clinique which has completely changed my complexion and eliminated my eye allergies.
  • I am still loving my Whole Foods 365 cleanser and moisturizer
  • Switched my facial moisturizers to Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare
  • I even started weaning myself from my Kerastase regimen and now use Alba Botanical Shampoo.

With beach/pool season less than two weeks away, I now need to deal with the issue of sunblock.

Last year I treated myself to Skinceuticals sun protection. It is not cheap but I wanted a sunblock for when I run  that is sweat proof as well as a product that won’t clog my pores.

I always bought Aveeno baby sunblock for my son and I would use it as well when we were at the pool/beach.

Well, now that I am a paraben expert, I know we can no longer use Aveeno. Or any of the other conventional brands.

I wanted to give you three tips for choosing a safe, effective sunblock but there are more than three factors to look out for.

food babe sunblock link

I am highly recommending as your tips for today that you read Food Babe’s full post regarding sunblock. Click on the photo above or here for the link.

Have a great Tuesday!

I need to know:

Do you carry GU, jelly beans, sport drinks etc. on your runs? What works best for you?

What sunblock do you use?

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  1. says

    I use Australian Gold sunblock. However I am guilty of using only 8 SPF and buying the bottle with the bronzer built-in. I am pale, and although I have successfully given up tanning, I still really want to be tan and not pasty. i know I need to be more careful. Maybe if I could find a high SPF block with bronzer in it I’d be more willing to try it. I am really careful about making sure my moles and birth mark get extra protection though so at least there’s that…

  2. says

    I take jelly belly sport beans on any run longer than a half marathon distance. I’ve always had a hard time fueling during runs, but those seem to work best for me.
    Love the shirt!

  3. says

    That is the best running story ever! Haha, oh no you didn’t just run by me!!! Girl, ha!!!! Awesome! I love the shirt, too! And I’m with ya on limiting toxins but hair foiling is a MUST with me too, so no worries! I carry candy on my long runs – anything will work, sour patch kids, gobstoppers, anything with sugar & calories keeps me going. 🙂

    • says

      lol It was a totally unbelievable running situation – I couldn’t believe it, had no strength yet I had to find the legs to beat this guy. He was not about to outrun me lol. Gobstoppers a great idea, I used to love those and have a box somewhere in my pantry!

  4. says

    Haha I secretly love racing people during runs! Those guilty pleasures afterward sound awesome! I have to use a lot of sunblock because I’m really fair skinned. I use the copertone sport spray for my body because it’s quick and easy. Not so fun later though because it sticks to your skin but it protects my skin in the sun. For my face, I use Clarins face sunscreen. My mom has always gotten me to use it but it smells really good and really works! Just a little pricey though.

  5. says

    power to the chickers!! hehe. seriously, that story made my day! ummm…gotta say this one can be maybe a not-so-guilty pleasure…hehe. 😛
    oh yea, and u KNOW ice cream in all forms certainly makes my guilty pleasure list.
    PS- loving the hair…such a purdy chicker