Mother’s Day Happiness

Oh yes. Mother’s Day was quite good to me.


There is something very exciting about a tower of butter and syrup as you wait for the arrival of your most special breakfast of the year.


The breakfast menu is quite unique and extensive but I am a creature of habit and went with the same thing I have ordered the last three years:

Blueberry Walnut Whole Wheat Pancakes Topped With Scrambled Egg Whites and Sliced Banana


The little man chose a short stack of golden brown pancakes with a side of eggs and bacon. He selected this combo over the Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Pancakes. Hmm…To each his own.


I think he just likes the idea of the eggs and bacon for the thrill of placing the order. He barely touched the plate – which is just fine with me. At least he can recognize when he is full.


I could have called Mother’s Day a happy one just based on our breakfast together. But he had a few other things in store for me.


Using his own money, he marched himself into the Pandora store the other night looking to get me a charm for my bracelet. Since Pandora doesn’t sell anything for $10, he went into a different store in the mall and found a cupcake charm that fit perfectly into his budget.

I love that he took it upon himself to find me a gift using his own money.

However, as I always tell him, it is NEVER about how much you spend or if you spend anything at all.

It is the thought that counts.

With this in mind, the best gift I received involves the artwork and poem he created at school in honor of Mother’s Day.


We now have an image to associate with his vision of me being “JUST A RUNNER WHO LIKES ICE CREAM.”


I can’t get enough of it. It makes me laugh, smile and question where my pants are.


Kids tell you how it is. So if you ever thought I exaggerated our dessert issues, here it is in black and white. I am so glad he finds his taking my cake amusing and serious enough to include in a poem.

All mother’s like to be pampered on Mother’s Day. My idea of pampering on this holiday is getting a break.

Some quiet. Some alone time.

Lucky for me, our favorite diner is down the block from Hebrew School, which so nicely took place shortly after our breakfast.

With two hours to myself, I went for a leisurely run. I chose to run through the neighborhood where we had lived when my son was first born.

As I ran, I thought about the thoughtful gifts I received and how fast time has gone since he was a baby.

I was running the streets I used to walk up and down while pushing the stroller – sometimes carrying him and pushing the empty stroller since he never wanted to sit.

Back then, I liked the neighborhood but we were always looking to move. It was our “starter house”.

Giving thought to our discussion about The Great Gatsby the other day, our starter house was just a stepping stone in our pursuit of the American Dream. There was certainly a bigger and better house out there in order to for us to achieve true happiness and define our success.


As I ran past our old house, I noted that the same family that bought our home from us several years ago is still living there.

They are in the middle of renovations and based upon those little decals people put in their car’s rear view window, they have three kids.

While one never knows what goes on behind closed doors, it is possible to assume that this family has achieved their American Dream, finding our “starter house” perfect for their family of five.

The thing is, and what one can realize now, a house does not define happiness.

It is the people inside it that matter. It is the small thoughtful gifts, gestures (and pictures the kids make at school) that give true happiness.

Not the brick driveway, white picket fence, new windows and roof or the color of the granite you choose for your hallway.

I wonder if they kept our pretty floors?

I often wonder if things would have been different had we not moved from our “starter house” in search of bigger and better in pursuit of the American Dream.

They say everything happens for a reason though, right?

On a much lighter note, I think everything does happen for a reason – something made me randomly check my mail yesterday(we know I don’t check the mail all that often).

Look what arrived for me!



If you haven’t checked out her artwork,blogย and shirts, you must! As described on her site, she is a runner, writer and artist. She designs the funniest, cutest, most creative running related artwork and slogans I have ever seen.

Thanks Cait – LOVE IT!

I cannot wait to wear my Runner Chickย shirt with my cute running skirt in my next race.


If only I could see the expressions on the faces of the men I will outrun.

Now that would be true happiness.

I need to know:

How was your weekend? How was your Mother’s Day?

Run any races? How did it go?

What do you like to order when you go out for breakfast- sweet or savory?

Did you see The Great Gatsby?

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  1. says

    i’m SOOO torn over what i love more…how awesomely you were adored on Mother’s Day, the way too delicious pancakes (my stomach is jealous), or the fact that my shirt came!! haha…i’ll just go with all of the above. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. says

    This post was so touching and I really felt your sincerity with what you said about your son. From start to end, this sounds like the perfect Mother’s Day and I love that he called you out on your dessert loving self! Hey, that’s why we run right? ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Mother’s Day to you! I love that shirt, so cute! I’ll have to check that site out ASAP! ๐Ÿ™‚ I ran a fun 5K, it was a blast!

  3. EZTWINS says

    Great post! Sounds like a well deserved and fun Mother’s Day. Glad u got some ” you ” time too. The gift was adorable! He’s the cutest.
    I am such a breakfast mix of sweet and savory. I need both!

  4. says

    Looks like a perfect Mom’s day breakfast! pancakes always sound great to me, but I tend to go savory when I order breakfast!

  5. says

    How sweet of your son to get you the cupcake charm ๐Ÿ™‚ Loved the no pants picture too, so cute! When I head out for breakfast I’m all about the savory. My favorite breakfast would actually probably give me a heart attack if I actually ate it on a normal basis. I love creamed chipped beef. It is essentially lots of butter and flour and then some more butter with lots of chunks of salted beef over toast with home fries. The description I just gave probably sounds super gross. I promise you that if you weren’t a vegetarian you would love it though. So much cholesterol….so I stick to it on a few random and rare occasions.