Dunkin’s Doorstep


I didn’t drive thru. I walked.

Well, I didn’t walk thru the drive thru (although I certainly would if necessary).

I walked into the store. For an iced coffee.

My intention yesterday was to take a full rest day. But it was gorgeous out when I put the boy on the bus that I decided a walk couldn’t hurt me.

I hate walking. Especially walking the path I normally run.

I feel like I am not getting anywhere because everything passes so slowly.

Or I pass everything slowly. I don’t know, something like that.

I decided I needed a destination.


I watched the building of this Dunkin Donuts all winter. I daydreamed while sitting at the red light opposite this Dunkin Donuts everyday thinking about how nice it would be in the spring to land myself on Dunkin’s doorstep after my long run.

I couldn’t wait though until this morning for my long run (just ran a little over 10 miles by the way).

So I walked there yesterday – 1.5 miles each way to be exact.

It was quite exciting. I think.

Hear me out on this:

I love iced coffee. I love it even more when it is made for me at Dunkin Donuts.

It is a real treat for me since I cut my Dunkin habit a few years ago to save the $3 and change a day.

A little over $3 a day adds up to over $21/ week which is roughly over $80 something a month (if you are looking for exact numbers ask my son, he is a math wiz).

As a preMother’s Day gift, I treated my motherly self to a medium iced coffee with a drop of skim milk.


Delicious? Yes. Satisfying? Not quite.


It tasted as good as ever but when one is thirsty, iced coffee is no quencher.


Smile! You’re on Candid Camera! (I always wanted to say that!)

Let’s let this lovely employee think I wanted her photo –  I was really after the donuts.

The creme-filled shelf to be exact.

I am not a big donut eater but I always had a thing for Dunkin’s chocolate creme filled donut.

Truth: When I was a little girl, I used to choose the pink frosted donuts simply because they were pink.

pink donut

RARE FIND: I was pleasantly surprised to see this location has the Dunkin cookies.


You don’t see them often but if you do, I highly recommend the peanut butter chocolate chip.


The fact that this location is a Baskin Robbins too is very exciting. I can see walks for ice cream (or the frozen yogurt) on the horizon for the boy and me.

At least we are incorporating exercise as a family into our lives.

Good luck to anyone who is racing this weekend!

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