Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! I am so ready for the weekend, especially for our Mother’s Day breakfast tradition!

premier diner

The boy and I actually ended up at our favorite diner yesterday for lunch on our way to his orthodontist appointment.


I need more giant egg white omelettes in my life. This was seriously delicious.

It was such a random decision to stop at the diner that I wasn’t prepared with an idea about what to order. I quickly chose an omelette with asparagus, peppers and onions loaded with lettuce and tomato on the side.

And in case anyone is wondering, we totally got in trouble at the orthodontist again.

  1. We forgot to bring his night brace to the appointment
  2. They can see he doesn’t wear it often enough
  3. He doesn’t brush his teeth well enough in the right circular manner

My response to the orthodontist after scolding me?

“I am lucky he showers on a daily basis and wears clean underwear.”

Needless to say, it has been a long week and I could use a break from the routine.

I don’t mention it often but in addition to raising my charming little boy and worrying about him doing his homework, eating balanced, taking a shower and brushing his teeth in the right direction, I am also busy doing my own school work.


Something very interesting occurred to me the other day while I was studying.


While I was highlighting and making notes in the margins, I realized that this may be the first time in my school history that I am truly interested in what I am learning.

Each section of the four courses I am taking have a series of questions to answer. As I sat there with the notes and questions, I realized I was more interested in absorbing the information than seeking out the phrases that would answer the questions.

I was always a great student. But even so, I know I always looked for the quickest way to get done. The quickest route to answering all required questions and finishing all projects and reports as fast as possible.

I really didn’t care about retaining information.

I see the same traits in my son. He is so smart but reads the required text only to answer the required questions. I try to explain to him why it is important to read everything and then answer the questions but he wants no part.

I can’t blame him, I was a kid once too.

The adult that  I am now is quite different. I found myself yesterday NOT answering the questions.

Instead, I really took my time reading the text and powerpoint lectures so that I would truly learn and understand the material.

The questions can wait.

gatsby movie

How ironic that the movie version of The Great Gatsby opens this weekend.

I recall being REQUIRED to read the novel in 11th grade.

cliff notes

I also recall buying the Cliff Notes so that I didn’t have to WASTE MY TIME reading the entire novel.

My mother never approved of Cliff Notes. In fact, she MADE me read the book.

And while I remember enjoying it, I really only wanted to be able to answer my homework questions and ace the exam.

I recall doing well on the exam and I even UNDERSTOOD all of the symbolism – or did I?

Can a 16 year old truly grasp the life lessons in The Great Gatsby?


My 16 year old self would have defined this Gucci bag that sits in my closet as true happiness and achieving the American Dream.

My 34 year old self would sell this bag on Ebay in a heartbeat (and may list it very soon) and use the funds to pay a month’s worth of bills.

I should probably reread the novel now.


After everything I have been through and experienced since high school (including living two minutes away from the West and East Eggs when first married), I will probably understand, appreciate and better relate to the symbolism of the American Dream, wanting what you can’t have and money not being able to buy happiness.


I need to know:

Are you going to see The Great Gatsby?

Do you remember reading the novel?

Do you sell anything on Ebay?

Have a wonderful weekend and a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. says

    I had to read the great gatsby in 11th grade as well. And I distinctly remember not liking the book…but the movie looks intriguing (it has Leo). Perhaps I need to give it another chance. And that’s awesome that you’re going back for a nutrition cert 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day to you, enjoy your traditional breakfast 🙂

  2. says

    Haha, my mom always got scolded by the dentist/orthodontist whenever my sister and I had to go. What can you do, kids will be kids? Though, I must confess, I though mouth gear was cool and chose to wear my head gear (do they even still have that) to school even though I wasn’t required to. Gross. It had a jean colored strap that went around my neck. Need I describe more? Bleh. Hooray for studying nutrition! I can relate to you 100%, I only cared about knowing enough to do really well in school and I never really did all of the reading unless I had to. I am trying to re read The Great Gatsby before I see the movie! I best hurry! Happy Mother’s day to you, lady! 🙂

    • says

      Thank you…you did not wear your night brace (head gear, whatever lol) to school?! I am hysterical at that- but hey at least you wore it! I hardly wore mine so it isn’t so easy to enforce the wearing of this thing every day for my son. I do the best I can lol. Have a great weekend!

  3. says

    I had to read the book in high school too, but I LOVED it- it’s one of my favorite books! I have seen other versions, but I am really excited to see this new one 🙂
    That omelette looks delicious – have a wonderful weekend and enjoy mothers day!!

  4. says

    I really didn’t care for the book when I read it. Couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. But I can’t wait to see the movie! I think I would have a very different opinion of the book now as an adult. I plan to read it again.